Maybe Releasing A PS4 In 2012 Isn’t Such A Bad Idea After All

DeShaun Zollicoffer from Geek Revolt writes "The recent rumor about Sony releasing a PS4 in 2012 was welcomed with disbelief and amusement. The PS3 had a rough launch, but now it’s doing great. Why would Sony start over, when things are starting to go their way? 2013 seems like a better time. That’s what I thought at first—but then I realized, releasing a PS4 in 2012 isn’t such a bad idea after all, here’s why."

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fluffydelusions2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Sony learned from their mistake with PS3. PS4 will be easy to develop for and priced competitively from the start. Honestly I think it will happen in 2013 but I will buy it regardless.

Bull5hifT2693d ago

i still feel the ps3 has life left in it only a handful f developers pushed it to its limits, DICE, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Guerilla Games, Quantic Dream, Infinity Ward, not like eagarly waiting for a new console... but ill buy it if its BACKWARDS be nice if it upgraded the games now to 1080P 60FPS, only games i hear about that pushed the envelope forward was CRYSIS, SOME WITCHER GAME, AND BATTLEFIELD 3, other than that actually would want sony to wait a while to make certain technologies cheaper , to pack the PS4.. better, rather than get whats affordable now, to make it

DeadlyFire2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

PS4 begins when PS2 dies. PS2 is on its 11th year of its 10 year cycle. So its almost time. I say E3 2012 and 2013 release with PS Move and no Kinect based crap.

Can't afford a PS4 then buy a PS3. Same with any other market. Can't buy 3DS then buy a DSi or whatever. Its not like its dead tomorrow when PS4 hits the market. Its possible this time around there can be PS exclusives on PS4 and PS3 released at the same time. Something that has never really happened in the past. PS3 holds a strong HD visuals and its certainly possible for PS4 games to be ported to PS3 I would think. Certainly not impossible. It would be nice way to keep PS3 crowd happy as well as giving fans of new Tech a bright new HD game on their PS4 system.

MrSpace2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Wow one little rumor and people actualy believe there will be a PS4 released in 2012....see the problem with that line, the word RELEASED. Why the hell would Sony release a NEW console for next year without showing it off to gain hype.

We have a better chance at seeing a new Xbox shown off at E3 then the PS4. Anyway the problem with the rumor is "Kinect based motion Controls".....really ¬¬

jony_dols2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Well the leak came from a trusted source that has previously leaked info on Apple products in the past, which all turned out to be correct.

Sony also stated at a recent shareholder meeting that they were developing a new console.....Thats pretty clear cut and straight from the horses mouth.

The backlog of big releases will have cleared up after this Christmas, and there is not that many highly anticipated titles left after that in the pipeline ,with the exception of The Last Guardian,( which will probably get a release date at the Tokyo Game Show) & Starhawk. A reveal next year, with the intent to release in Japan & US at Christmas 2012, and Spring in Europe 2013 isn't that unlikely.

digitaleraser2693d ago

It'd be silly to release a new console so soon when the PS3 has only recently started to become affordable for a lot of gamers.

Mr Tretton2693d ago

It's not like they are going to take it off the market. They'll keep supporting it and giving it 3rd party ports of next gen games, as it's technologically possible these days (see Battlefield 3), but they can't let Nintendo or MS have next gen all to themselves, they have to start building a base on a new system to compete. Next gen will likely be a least a year or two longer than this one I think.

digitaleraser2693d ago

To be fair, it should be said that Nintendo is in fact just now entering the *current* gen.

BX812693d ago

C'mon the majority of the devs out there can't even take full advantage of the PS3. Heavy Rain, GOW3, Uncharted and KZ are some great looking games. Why do we need a new console when only a few use it to the max.

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