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Dungeons and Dragons, son of Chainmail, is the great granddaddy of the modern role-playing game. Its importance cannot be overstated: not only was it revolutionary for its time, it has also directly inspired many of the early computer RPGs on which the genre is now based. Because of D&D’s power as a brand, early edition D&D rules were imported into a variety of classic computer RPGs, forming the backbone of their combat systems.

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Warprincess1162723d ago

lol dungeons and dragons. Do people still play that. I thought this article was going to be about JRPG.

Sinterfire2723d ago

I like JRPG combat. All of them are usually different. Resonance of Fate and Valkryia Chronicles's combat systems are pure fun IMO. Sorry for being somewhat offtopic.

Pintheshadows2723d ago

Resonance of Fate was good. I didn't expect it to be but I enjoyed my time with it.

Parasyte2723d ago

Yes, I am one of them. A more people have begun playing D&D since 4th edition came out because of it's streamlined character creation process and combat system.

Other players, like myself, prefer 3rd and 3.5 edition because of it's greater character customization options.

femshep2723d ago

so essentially you don't want role playing games....cause D&D is where all good rpgs hove origins from......just in games all the math, variables, and randomization is done in less than a second

Neckbear2723d ago

If you don't want a combat based on stats, chances and numbers, stop playing an RPG and start playing an action-adventure game. Those have what you're looking for.

Pintheshadows2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I alway loved Planescape for the number crunching D and D based goodness. I'm going to play it again soon. It is a classic.

And as Objective mentioned Baldurs Gate. And NWN. And Icewind Dale. God I miss those games.

Pro_TactX2723d ago

Those games are available on for $9.99 each.

Objective2723d ago

I don't see any recent computer RPG aping D&D combat rules... It has been a long time since Baldur's Gate series and games have since generally developed their own combat systems.