Kinect: Five Titles That Make It Worth Owning Right Now

TheCrapgamer at GxC writes:
We all know there is going to be a steady release of Kinect enabled games coming out over the next year or so that will more than make The Kinect itself worth purchasing. What about right now you might ask? As a gamer who plays all kinds of different games from all sorts of genres, I think Kinect is more than worth the price as it stands right now.

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Warprincess1162694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

lol ya if you're a casual gamer.

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EasilyTheBest2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

All 5 games on that list are great, Id even say Child of Eden is hardcore.
Fishy - I can bet you would get enough hours from Kinect Sports, its my fav game on it especially online playing Table Tennis, not easy!

Saanova above.. Zzzzzzz

Vamp - Yes it is optional but check out some of the reviews, its the first game thats much better With Kinect.
I have tried it with a controller, with Kinect its a completly different experience.

VampiricDragon2694d ago

child of eden is kinect optional. I wouldnt buy it for optiobnal

JellyJelly2694d ago

EasilyTheBest - Kinect Sports is lots of fun. Table tennis, soccer and bowling are my favourites.

gamingdroid2694d ago

Table tennis and bowling is my favorite too.

EVILDEAD3602694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I agree with the list.

Ignore the usual noise from the haters..It's good to see a site that actually owns Kinect and the games.

What people failed to understand was Kinect went after the heart of what made the Wii special.

The Killer app for the Wii was Wii Sports..period. Namely Bowling. It sold the world on motion controls.
I used to pull out Wii Sports and later Resort any time family wanted to play a game.

Kinect Sports destroyed Wii Sports..the bowling alone is infinately more immersive. The fact that the running for the track events, boxing, soccer etc. worked so well is a testament to Rare. Hands down my fave game for Kinect. Table tennis over LIVE FTW.

Simply put..Dance Central OWNS the dance market. Nothing comes close and DC2 looks to bring it home before the clones come at it hard ala Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero. Easily the two party games of the year and the one the ladies f-ing love.

Kinectimals is easily the most slept-on gem of last year. Had it been on any other system it would have got wayy more love. Early critics couldn't even bash did so much for how Kinect integrates with the Voice Controls that we can thank it for Mass Effect 3 adding Kinect implementation.

Kinect Adventures is another fun family diversion. The difference that this game had over Wii was straight graphics..the water visuals alone in the River Rafting simply could not be achieved on the Wii. If Micrsoft was smart they'd make a beefier sequel.

Child of most anticipated title DELIVERED period. Don't believe me simply ask the critics. The controls are absolutely Jedi-like. The game that shows the potential of visual shooters like the upcoming Panzer Dragoon for Kinect.

Wii Fit is another title that adults bought by the millions..Ubisoft's Fitness Evolved destroys Wii Fit. Instead of some cutesy is YOU on the screen with a trainer and it is another immersive way to get in shape. The mini-games are a blast too. Look forward to the sequel.

My other sleeper is Motion Sports..the Football proved that it could be done and EA is now bring Madden to Kinect next year (as well as Tiger and Fifa). The Sleeper is the handgliding mini-games..actually visually beautiful and I can see it inspiring some other titles. Would love to use Kinect to play the crazy addictive Super Monkey Ball flying mini-game.

Suprisingly, the game I bought before Child of Eden was Carnival Games (run away from Games Party: In Motion) Not only does it actually work well it's as fun as any of the Wii titles. (Another one to pull out for a party)

I don't need Kinect to replace the controller for core game on the 360..the 360 controller is a dream for FPS. Although, Kinect is cool when you break that cheap @ss headset and need something to tide you over. (My X41 finally died too).

But for playing with your significant other, partying with friends (Rock Band is dead), or playing with the youngins..Kinect is priceless.

It'll be interesting to see the response as the new gen of Kinect games kick in..from Forza 4 to Mass Effect,Madden, Fifa all the way to Ryse.


Raven_Nomad2694d ago

Bubbles for you. I appreciate the comments. Very well said.

gamingdroid2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Well said. Kinect is fun like the Wii.

Not entirely sure I would play it like I play my current "core" games, but as a family thing it is awesome. My fiancee enjoys it too and she never play games.

I'm interested to see ME3, Ghost Recon and Ryse with Kinect support.

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Just_The_Truth2694d ago

i agree, every one of these games are on-rails or stationary. Have people really settled for this limited gameplay? After the novelty wears of i think kinect(and move if it's not supported more) will fail quickly.

TBM2694d ago

4=shovelware= no fu*king way I would spend my hard earned cash on that sh*t, and 1=music type game that= not my type of game.

So no there is nothing for this camera that would make me buy it.

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Fishy Fingers2694d ago

I've only played one of these so far, Dance Central and it was fun for about, 20 minutes with friends. Child Of Eden looks great, really want to give that a try once a friend picks it up.

Some good games there, but would be short lived in my house, there just isn't a game I'd get enough hours from to justify the purchase. Obviously, not being a big fan of motion gaming in general doesnt help.

CobraKai2694d ago

I can't dance worth sh*t but Dance Central is a blast at parties.

videoxgamexfanboy2694d ago

Great list of games. I finally have games on 360 i can play with my lil girl. Some times its not always about hardcore games or the best k/d ratio...sometimes its about family fun and kinect offers that perfectly. I want my hardcore games with a analog stick and my fam games with motion controls. In my house i get the best of both...

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