Review: Sega Rally Revo PS3

The Bitbag writes, "Yet another racing game hits the PS3. Sega Rally Revo brings us beautiful scenery and muddy cars. But does it stand up to the others?"

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xg-ei8ht4060d ago

Bubble for you sir!

Opponents are harder then some games, but at least it makes it feel worth while.

I really like the game.

But as you said, Reviewed by a noob.

UltramanJ4060d ago

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I recall having much more fun with Sega Rally and Sega Rally 2 back when I bought them for my Saturn and DC. Not only did they control better, but they pushed the hardware a bit as well (especially on Saturn).
Of course I only played the demo, but this latest take on the franchise felt like my cars were driving on marbles that were spread across ice. I don't want to hear the excuse that it's meant to be an arcade type throwback, because no arcade racer plays like this.
Some may not mind it, but from what I played this game isn't even close to being in the same league as the original Sega Rally titles, nor anything else to have come from the original AM3 team, and it's not even in the same galaxy as AM2's classic racers.
As I mentioned before, the old Sega racers always pushed the hardware that they were on, but this is possibly the worst looking racing game I've seen on a current gen console (save for maybe Juiced).
I'd love to see Daytona USA brought back for a new edition/remake, and if such a thing is in the planning stages, I'd hope Sega has the sense to let AM2 do the game. Then newer racing fans can see what Sega racers are really all about.

tatical4060d ago

I'm glad I play the Sega Rally Revo demo. The older versions are much better, they required more skill (or maybe I'm just that good). Maybe its because I'm used to Rally Sport Challenge...

picker3324060d ago

Play'd the demo and it was boring in my opinion,I mean you can't drive off road in this game,matter of fact you can just hit the gas button
and it drive's you to the finnish line by it self.
A total failure in my opinion!