Evolution of a Series: Mario Kart

gamrFeed writes:-
" Mario Kart is that rare beast; an incredibly popular series which most gamers have played yet few have a bad word to say about. The key to this has been a clear, basic and successful formula; fast arcade racing featuring Nintendo favourites, weapons, tricky tracks and a fair amount of depth and subtlety. For each innovation, improvement, quirk and controversy, this winning formula has never changed, thus ensuring Mario Kart has stayed at the pinnacle of arcade racing for nearly two decades."

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thebudgetgamer2690d ago

my favorite is super mario kart on the snes. my friends and i used to play versus modes for hours.

TyrionL2690d ago

Me too man. It is still one of my favorite series out there. It is one thing that any game has to be to be successful, FUN. I can still have fun for hours even with the snes version, that’s saying something.

Apex132690d ago

Super Mario for me too and I am happy the have re-introduced the coins as that was such a big part of the gaming strategy. All they need to top it is the original ghost valley 1 and a feather. whoooo cant wait

Redempteur2690d ago

how fitting to finish this article by a blue shell

MasterCornholio2689d ago

I love what Jeff is doing with this game. Especially with the aspect of the cars can turn into mechs looks like a ton of fun. I only hope that in the future there will be a twisted metal game for the vita.