Uncharted 3 vs. Uncharted 2 HD Screenshot Comparison

A new screenshot check compares the Uncharted 3 Beta to the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer. Which one looks best? Check it out.

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Wolfie2723d ago

beta vs retail... how fair

NewMonday2723d ago

I just watched the 3D trailer on my 3DTV, its incredible, the Avatar of games truly.

Drekken2723d ago

People are so dumb sometimes... +bubb to wolfie - This is a ONLINE beta. UC2's online wasnt as pretty as its single player. Expect the next 5 months of polish to really make UC3 single player (which we havent seen much of yet) to really be a step up.

They also forget that naughty dog is not only improving graphics, textures, animations, and all of the above that NAUGHTY DOG always do - They are also adding 3D and split screen to the game. So people saying the PS3 is showing its age need to step into reality. Sure, there is better hardware available, but for its age - the PS3 is still impressing me.

MidnytRain2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

There's a spot on The Village (multiplayer map) next to a sniper tower where the ground leads downhill to the beginning spawn point (heroes side, I believe). If you look at the rocky puddle of water nearby, it looks extremely impressive for five-year-old tech.

Gray-Fox-Type02722d ago

Is anyone else having problems connecting to players after the 1.02 patch? After this it seems like it takes forever to find a game, even though it said to have fixed that me looks worser i been searching throughout the day can't seem to find a game anymore...

theonlylolking2722d ago

UC3 I think looks better. In the menu the graphics need AA.

Close_Second2722d ago

Not just some AA but more custom search options. The lobby is rather crap.

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Optical_Matrix2723d ago

Crap comparison Beta vs. Retail does no work. Not to mention the fact the images are low res. That said Uncharted 3 has vastly superior lighting to UC2. That much I know.

death2smoochie2722d ago

Wait until the final retail version of Uncharted 3 is out to do these comparisons....

DoomeDx2722d ago

Name me a couple of games that looked drasticlly better after a beta?

Graphics wont change much

Miiikeyyy2722d ago

Pretty much everygame looks drastically better after beta.

cooperdnizzle2722d ago

No dude you are right. The only game i have ever seen that really went through a lot of change was killzone 2. I remember when i first got to play it, it was really washed out looking with some textures completely missing in action. O and mgs4, i actually got to play the older build of the game before they went through and switched the lighter, and added better motion blur. Sadly, those are the only two games i can think of. I got in to the uncharted 2 beta, the first one they gave out. Sorry to say that beta looked just like the final game. Just like this beta will.

death2smoochie2722d ago

I am just saying we should wait to compare to full versions of the game to get a more accurate picture...
The reality is sequel games that use the same game engine just tweaked look almost the same as the previous...
Its simply because its the same game engine.

Fishy Fingers2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Not too bothered with the comparison, but from my time with the beta, I hope the visuals improve quite a bit. It's not likely, beta is usually pretty close to retail, but right now, dont find the betas visuals 'that' special.

Gray-Fox-Type02722d ago

Agree wasn't as mind blowing as Uncharted 2, Its pretty much the same with improvements. But we will wait till the retail version but one thing the campaign looks fantastic.

Sinterfire2722d ago

Lol anyone else notice the mix up for the name on the pics? Anyways both look great can't wait to continue Drake and crew's adventure.

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