Why The Lack Of Decent Console MMO's?

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: "Consoles have been a pinnacle of gaming for years now with a user base which far surpasses that of PC gamers. Odds are, even if you play console or PC you will have had a dabble with the other and a lot of people are now using both. But there is one thing which the PC still does best, which is MMORPG."

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maskren2689d ago

DCUO was available for PSN. In fact, many claimed that it offered a better console experience.

zootang2689d ago

DCUO raids are great with 8 people. You just have to get the right servers

Persistantthug2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

The title should read:

There are several MMO's on the PS3.
In fact, my little niece was over this weekend having a great time with FREE REALMS on my PS3.

Personally, I'm waiting for Dust 514....I'll be getting that.

Also, lots of people don't know this, but GUILD WARS 2 has had a console dev team for quite some time, and likely, its probably for the PS3 as NC SOFT has had a deal with Sony to bring their games to the PS3 since 2007. We'll find out soon enough.

"Most recently, Shaun was at MMO developer ArenaNet heading up the Guild Wars 2 console development team."

( )

agentxk2689d ago

MMO games require a fair amount if written communication. Truthfully this isn't associated with console gaming.

MysticStrummer2689d ago

Dammit I wanted The Agency. I was looking forward to that game since about summer 07, or maybe 08, when I first stumbled onto info about it.

Gordo7892689d ago

probably a little thing called mouse and keyboard support.

m-s-8-22689d ago

Probably not. Definitely not in the case of the PS3.

MysticStrummer2689d ago

...which PS3 has had since launch.

sloth33952689d ago

maybe because people pay for Live and that would just be another thing to have to pay for

ASSASSYN 36o2689d ago

Yeah that one time annual payment that comes at the same time every single year is such a financial burden.

sloth33952689d ago

maybe you dont understand that most people who pay for something already dont like that idea of having to pay more on top of it when you have to pay to play online why would they want to have to pay even more just to play 1 game online

ASSASSYN 36o2689d ago

Well you better not ever, EVER buy a car. You pay so much money to keep it running, taxes, and monthly payments. And don't get a house. Those are fun. Oh and never have kids. They will kill your wallet before they are even born. Avoid pc mmos people tend to pay Internet cost, monthly payment with some of those and expansion packs. A matter of fact, you might want to just not play any and all gaming given how expensive dlc content is.

I pay 39.99 annually for live. I have Netflix streaming and hulu plus. I rent games from gamely for $22 a month to save money on games. Gaming is expensive. More so for Billy who lives with mommy and daddy and makes zero contribution to his own entertainment. You need to put on your big boy pants and get ready to pay for plenty of things that require on going cost. Point is... Xbox live is a negligible financial burden that comes around once a year to the huge cost incurred by numerous adults in this world. Hell my car payment is $449.27 a month. One annual payment is chump change even if I had a minimum wage job. And if you committed to buying a mmo then you have clearly already weighed the cost.

Anon19742689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Yeah, but when you buy a car they don't say "Ok, but if you want to drive out of town - that'll cost you extra!"

Multiplayer is standard in most videogames. Has been for years. Saying that you have to pay extra for it, is to me, like saying "You just bought a house, but several rooms are locked. That'll cost you extra to unlock those and keep them unlocked."

We aren't talking about paying for a service like Hulu or Netflix - we're talking about something that should be standard in this day and age. Developers build in multiplayer. XBL is like having to pay extra for playing 100% of the game as the developer intended, and no one else charges this.

I'm sure I'm in the minority, but that's how I've always felt about this, since the original Xbox went online. At the time I was gaming online for free on the PC and I thought, "That's crazy. Who on earth would pay for that? That's going to fail hard."

It didn't, and I even tried out an account myself for 3 years or so on the original Xbox and Xbox 360 before asking myself "What exactly is the service I'm paying for here that I can't get for free elsewhere?" then dropping down to Silver and never looking back. I've been able to buy 4 more games to add to my library with that money since I switched.

It's not that it's a financial burden, but I could flush $60 a year down the toilet too and afford it (although I might be hard pressed to do that while having a 12 year old yell racial insults at me). That doesn't make much sense to do now, does it? Just one gamer's opinion. I've never been shy about saying how I feel about XBL.

ASSASSYN 36o2689d ago

Why didn't you just simply say you don't make enough money yearly to handle the financial burden an xbox live subscription has. Clearly xbox live is for people who can handle the expense. It is a luxury.

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