Halo CE and CEA comparsion writes : "We note the detailed nature of sophisticated models, new textures and better effects, including lights and lighting. It looks like a game of the year 2011! And with timeless..."

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Dlacy13g2719d ago

Wow...the 1st and last screen shot really show off the differences of the old vs new. I didn't realize how different they were when I first saw the E3 trailer... these shots have me wanting to give this a go now.

Paradicia2719d ago

It's pretty much a night and day difference in terms of graphics but they've kept the layout and essence of the maps, even the physics which is just awesome.

afterMoth2719d ago

Yeah, unfortunately they screwed the MP and didn't keep the physics and everything the same.

Blaze9292719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )


"didn't keep the physics and everything the same. "

lol what are you talking about? physics? haha. But yeah it's pretty much just Reach multiplayer from the sounds of it. Or I think they said Reach's engine for the multiplayer. Hopefully the MP is exactly the same though - as Halo CE

But yeah I can't wait for this game. Going to be freaking awesome! And only $39.99

Gray-Fox-Type02719d ago

People and see for themselves when they have the actually game with a press of a button you can switch back and forth from old to new. That is sweet.

Awesome-Xanto2719d ago

Question for Halo fans, would you say it's worth getting all the Halo games if your an single player type of gamer... meaning I don't play online. Would it be worth me getting them all for the campaign, as I'm thinking about getting them all because I haven't played through the stories.

Or do you think there only worth multiplayer?

Dlacy13g2719d ago

@Snake-Doctor-99 I have always been a big Halo fan...much more for the single player side of it than the multiplayer to be honest. I find Halo to kind of like a modern Star Wars. I find the story very good... so much so that I also have read a few books post Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST & Reach.

I would suggest you get the Anniversary game first...let it be your introduction. It should be $40 from what I understand...if you really like that then proceed from there. :)

If you don't care so much about the graphics then just go find a used copy of Halo CE or buy it on market place for 1200pts.

Halo 2 I do believe is backwards compatible so you will need to find that used or new but its not on Marketplace from what I can see.

femshep2719d ago

its well worth the single player especially if you can really get wrapped up in the lore of stories, the story to the games goes beyond a video game there are books that also add to the universe of halo making it much bigger than what people see on the surface

Awesome-Xanto2719d ago

I may just have to do that then, since Halo Reach is a prequel I may start there... and pick this up when it comes out. Might go ahead and get Halo 2 and 3 from Amazon or something, and just hold them until I get the first Halo remake.

I mean I have played Halo before but it was YEARS ago, and it was with friends... so we basically ran through the story, so I really have no idea about the story.

What I wonder is though, will they remake the other games after Halo CE?

Dlacy13g2719d ago

I think if they Halo CE remake sells well I am sure you will see a Halo 2 remake as well since it was also on the first xbox. Halo 3 no as it was an HD generation title and really doesn't need a face lift.

femshep2719d ago

yeah im thinking along the lines of Dlacy13g, except i think they would have to make Halo 2 in HD mainly due to the fact that it would be the only title not in HD and it was one of the biggest multiplayer titles on the original two years from now would when it should come out being next year is halo 4

otherZinc2719d ago

Dlacy13g is correct. The Halo series is absolutely magnificent. I've beaten Halo:CE more than 100 times & cant wait for Halo CE:Anniversary.

I'll have 2 copies day 1 for the co-op. Multi-player is fine but I like the single player much better.

I even played Halo Wars because of the story, & I dont care much for RTS games.

You're doing the right thing, buying Halo Reach to play 1st. I'll beat Halo Wars & Reach 2 weeks prior to the launch of Halo CE:Anniversary.

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