European PS Plus members are angry because anniversary content is very weak

Sony just recently updated its European blog with the anniversary content that was meant to be one of the ‘biggest ever’ according to them in the previous month, but truth to be told it’s certainly is a big let down.

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Drekken2718d ago

Vocal gamers are all angry. They are all angry and mad at the devs. The current state of the gaming community is pretty miserable. If I was the devs I would tell these whiny babies to go F themselves. There is always room for improvement, but if you dont like the animations of the chars legs when they run - Dont make an end of the world post on the devs forums. Give a constructive post about it.

Look at what the crybabies did the first couple days of the UC3 beta. Most people love the game, but by the few vocal babies, you would think the game sucked.

itani2718d ago

What you say is true but the thing is the staff writers did certainly write July is to be the biggest month ever, how does this sort of content hold up to their statement?

Drekken2718d ago

You're right... they need to quit hyping stuff and under delivering. I agree. I just got done reading the socom 4 forums and I just got annoyed with the attitudes of gamers. I am just shocked how people who have legit concerns feel like they can treat these devs like their personal punching bags because they dished out 60 bucks. Just have some respect and you will be taken more seriously.

gamingdroid2717d ago

I think this is more a case of over-hyping and under-delivering. If you set expectations and don't deliver... well!

gaffyh2717d ago

I think this update is fine, not great, but I wasn't expecting anything huge tbh. I don't have any of the titles, and am really glad that they put Soul Reaver up (the only thing I would have preferred is either an FF or MGS).

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2716d ago


what gamingdroid said is on the money with some of these games. as far as the socom forums its too be expected. they have taken that game as far away from the roots as possible, and every time they have to attempt to "patch" Socom back into the game. in the case of uncharted people feel they are going the same route as zipper and trying to capture some of the casual crowd by catering to COD fanboys.

like anything in life most people do not like change. the old saying "If it aint broke, dont fix it" is what most of the people crying about on the various game forums when devs tinker with a successful game.

In Socoms case Zipper has bent over backwards to try to force the community to accept the change which a huge majority just wanted improvements on the earlier games success. They have tried multiple times to cram another game down the players throats which has not been accepted well, and the decline in game sales shows. Yet they still continue to travel this route.

You start changing the fundamentals of a game and you alienate a core of gamers, most of which made the company what they are. Without the diehard fans of most franchises they would fade off into the shadows. Mario 64 anyone?

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Christopher2717d ago

When aren't people angry at Sony?

Ocelot5252717d ago

and where is golden axe, soul reaver and that other game on the store? I only see demo's in the PS+ section. I hope it get's a second update this evening.

Emilio_Estevez2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

"But it won’t stop there, we will be adding content throughout the Anniversary month so keep an eye out on here and on the Store for more Plus content in July."

This article conveniently leaves out a key sentence from the blog to make their story sound more valid. 3 comments = Euro PS+ custs are angry? There are whiners on every story on the blogs. EVERY single one.

itani2718d ago

Yes but when have you seen the start of a PS Plus this weak especially on its anniversary. There is no excuse for it at all when you can compare the sort of content the U.S are getting.

Emilio_Estevez2718d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

F that. Licensing has a lot to do with that. I want Burnout Paradise. That is a huge game. Euro got Streets of Rage 2 and Magic before the US also. Those are just a few examples from this month, there are many more. In the end you will get much more content than what was paid for so complaining is imo, completely un-justified.

Murgatroyd72717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

If it helps, we're not getting anything decent in the US either. I was hoping to get some use out of my free PS+ trial, but it's just one big joke.

itani2718d ago

We got 2 games before you, big deal but other than that there is countless things you got way before us, a lot more. Also Sony knows the PS Plus anniversary is coming up so they should be prepared before hand rather than giving empty statements and try to back it up in the middle of the months and that's if the update in the middle of the month is even good.

Mr_cheese2717d ago

Personally I think its not worth complaining about. @Itani your complaining about a weak start to the PS+ month saying when has it ever been like this? When have we ever had multiple updates for ps+ throughout the month. Thats just a start of the content, more will be coming throughout the month.

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