Do you want some other free Welcome Back games? Here is your chance

Since today the Japanese Playstation Store is back online. This also has some advantages for us, this is because they also got Welcome Back games and they are different than our free games.

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Cajun Chicken2512d ago

Doh, nothing really of my interest or I've got already, I got excited for a bit there.

Kingsora2512d ago

The Last Guy is quite unique and fun, no idea if you have it already? ^^

Cajun Chicken2512d ago

Nah, don't have that one. Might give it a bash, not to big, is it?

Kingsora2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

No it's just a real PSN game, can't remember how much it is, but I thought it was less than 800 mb

Nitrowolf22512d ago

611MB and its kind of a hard game

trpride2512d ago

How is Locoroco for PS3?

longcat2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

You may not want to get caught playing it in front of your friends, but its fun and challenging

Soundtrack alone is worth checking it out

mantisimo2511d ago

*sings* Wha Whaaaaaaa, Wha Whaaaaa, Um di di dum di dee chukerum a hapsoo, chukerum in no nigh.

(or something like that), very catchy but incomprehensible tunes.

P_Bomb2512d ago

Downloaded Last Guy & Hustle Kings. Already deleted the Last Guy. Ick.

I feel bad for Japan. Store was down the longest yet they get the worst selection of free games compared to NA & EU, and PS Plus games that are really just 30 min - 1 hour trials like Dark Rage or whatever that game is called.

Dakidog2512d ago

Should've had Siren....then we'd be talking!

Lifendz2511d ago

seriously....that would have made me get a Japan account.

norman292511d ago

You still couldnt have got the game because you need to have had the account before PSN went down ;)

Lifendz2511d ago

Thwarted again...oh well. Just saw it doesn't have trophies so what's the point (I kid I kid!)

blakstarz2511d ago

Totally agree...Siren alone is worth it!

blackburn102511d ago

Can't find them. Where are they supposed to be on the japanese PSN? Which catergory are they located?

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