Paradox sales are 90% digital, “we don’t really need retailers any more” says CEO

PC Gamer catch up with the CEO of Paradox Interactive, Fredrik Wester to discuss the company’s recent success with Magicka, Mount and Blade and King Arthur. Wester revealed that 90% of Paradox’ revenue is now made through digital distribution sales. He describes the company’s lack of reliance on retail as “a release,” saying that store chains have “not been good for the creative part of the industry.”

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NYC_Gamer2691d ago

cut out the middle man and collect more profit

captain-obvious2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

We all know this
someone needs to wake up the fanboys

steam is the shit
steam is giving King Arthur + all DLC an stuff for 4.50$ right now
and many other games for like 5 bucks lol
and yes that FULL games WITH DLCs too

steal if you ask me

Spenok2691d ago

Totally agree, actually bought king Arthur last night xD

Inside_out2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

You will here more and more stories like this moving forward. I have a pile of games in the corner, in the closet and everywhere else. If half of them disappeared, I wouldn't notice. Judging by the sales, most gamers these days buy one or 2 games and play them all year long until the next version makes an appearance...the COD effect.

Games are too expensive and that is what fuels the piracy movement. Pubs/devs will start to go it alone as the technology is cheap and convenient. I think the Onlive system is a prototype of what all pubs and big devs out there will explore and create for their own IP's and hopefully, reducing the cost to gamers. ALL games will be an icon on a screen very console middle man needed.

These big console makers have killed the goose that laid the golden egg for themselves.

evrfighter2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Piracy has dropped dramatically thanks to steam sales.

Gabe newell has done more for the gaming industry in the last decade then any two famous gaming figures combined.

Fun fact for everyone else. Minecraft has broken the 2 million mark in sales.

Spenok2691d ago

Almost 3 million now. Was on it last night and it said 2.7+ (don't remember the exact number lol) man minecraft is the shit xD

vickers5002691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

If indeed that does happen in the future, I would still like the option to purchase a physical copy alternatively.

Idealistically, games would be cheaper if they went download only, and maybe they actually would be cheaper... for a while. Then it would only take one big corporation to raise the prices on downloadable games to what they were before they went all downloadable, and nobody could really do anything about it and would just have to accept it. Nobody could do anything about the 10 dollar price hike this gen, people just accepted it because they had to.

I predict the same will happen if/when digital downloads ever take over the physical market. That's one of my concerns about cloud based gaming, is that they'll screw us over, because it HAS worked before. Despite having been able to cut out all the manufacturing and retailer costs, they will still try and succeed in selling us a downloadable copy of a game that is priced the same as a physical copy.

People are willing to spend the money as long as they are given an excuse, and they will accept it even if it is a terrible one such as "the cost of developing games is high".

I really hope gaming doesn't go cloud based. I like owning a physical copy of a game rather than a digital one.

Tuxmask552691d ago

Don't they own GamersGate or something like that?

led10902691d ago

600K copies or Magika?? Wow i hardly knew about the game. If a game can sell a million copies online, then digital distribution truly is the future of gaming

OpenGL2691d ago

If Magicka was able to sell 600,000 then I would not be surprised if Valve has already had a few games break more than a million sales in digital distribution alone.

kevnb2691d ago

They've sold tons of games, some of their games topping 10 million for sure.

Pandamobile2690d ago

I'd be surprised if Valve said they sold less than 6 million copies of the Orange Box on Steam.

Ducky2691d ago

... Ever heard of Minecraft? O.o

Christopher2691d ago

I would like to see the digital vs. B&M sales breakdown for a game like CoDMW3, DA2, and Crysis 2.

As the article specifies, these aren't major titles and are more indie in nature. It's hard to sell an indie game with practically no marketing to the general public when the people who will buy them will be those typical PC gamers who buy from Steam or other DD services.

Ducky2691d ago

That breakdown depends on when you take it.

I'd wager that initially (first couple of months) retail sales would be higher.
Digital sales however start picking up later on as discounts start appearing. Though that's just speculation on my part.

What would be interesting would be an actual profit breakdown considering that digital versions probably have a greater profit per sale.

Christopher2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Completely agree with your speculation, but think it will likely show that enough of a profit is in it for B&M marketing and production.

I'm not sure that digital would show as much profit as people would expect.

kevnb2691d ago

Retail stocks up copies to sell later, digital is all real sales.

Christopher2691d ago

***Retail stocks up copies to sell later, digital is all real sales.***

Actually, that has been very heavily cut back in the last few years for non-MMOs. And, we're only talking about real sales, not shipped numbers, which are what's reported on NPD (as well as pre-order figures).

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