How Does The Gears Of War 3 Leak Affect The Game's Release (ObnoxiousGamer)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, been without internet or are illiterate, copies of what appear to be a near-finished Gears of War 3 have leaked and videos have flooded the internet with everything from multiplayer maps, to unlockable characters to even the first ten minutes of gameplay. From a developers standpoint, this could mean some trouble, as leaked copies mean exclusive content could be leaked, and a full game spoiler could be theoretically released well over two months before the expected date.

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Inside_out2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

There is a large part of the fanbase that really enjoy the single player and spoiling the ending would ruin that experience. They say the last couple of missions are not included but who knows. The graphics have really been sharpen and that effect has been ruined. Also, there are set pieces that Epic wanted to really show off the Unreal 3 and those will be ruined as well.

The multi-player, as the beta showed, is really the star attraction and I believe that Beast mode will be as popular or even more popular than multi-player.

Regardless, it's not a GOOD thing.

Kran2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

It doesnt really.

However, those who pirated the game, if they really cared about the franchise that much, they would buy it and wait for the finished product. Anybody that pirates it and doesnt buy the game are not true gamers.

Active Reload2690d ago

If the 360 wasn't hacked and the other Gears' games weren't pirated the franchise would boast even more than 12 million copies sold. I watched the beginning of the game and OMG! I wouldn't dare watch the ending though and didn't know people had put it up since I didn't see any videos when I browsed around. I probably shouldn't have watched the beginning of the campaign either, but damn it was awesome. I'm tempted to describe it, but I won't spoil it for others.

Chewy332690d ago

You thought the beginning was good? You do realize the leaked build is only half a year old.

Active Reload2690d ago

Hell yeah it was good! The very beginning? Hell Yeah! But what does your last sentence have to do with anything?

telekineticmantis2690d ago

Microsoft, marketing tool. Coincidentally this happened with Halo Reach(Sarcasm).

Chewy332689d ago

Marketing isn't releasing the ending of the game...