Homeworld Franchise Potentially Resurrected as Relic Owner THQ Acquires Trademark

Fans of the groundbreaking Homeworld series of 3D space RTS games may yet have reason to hope for a new sequel.

Forum members of the fan site Relic News have today uncovered a US trademark document that appears to prove the rights to the Homeworld name have changed hands from Vivendi Universal to publisher THQ, the owner of original Homeworld developer Relic Entertainment.

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Bigmac5733607d ago

Homeworld: Tony Hawk Remix

Proxy3607d ago

I would love to see another Homeworld RTS. Hopefully holding true to the originals standards.

ThaGeNeCySt3607d ago

There was a Homeworld game that I had back in like 1997 for the PC... the whole interface was done with pictures and you'd type actions and what not... i thought it was cool.. i wonder if this is part of the same series

Charlie26883607d ago

YAY! I loved the first even if it gave me nightmares with the initial learning curve >.>

xc7x3607d ago

now if only we see more games of the 90's being remade for new gen

DethWish3607d ago

Only played Homeworld 2 but that was great!!!!

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