Deadly Premonition Incorrectly Priced?

HG writes: "Whilst Deadly Premonition was released on Xbox Live Games on Demand yesterday (5th of July), Rising Star Games have today released a statement stating that potential customers should not buy the game yet."

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Warprincess1162720d ago

Games on demand are always overpriced. I don't know why anyone would buy games from there.

xPhearR3dx2720d ago

Not always. There's be a few - but rare- occasions were the Games on Demand price matches retail price. Usually only with games that are $19.99 though.

killerhog2720d ago

you just posted in sonys defense that they are not in control of pricing yet you gonna criticize MS? im also starting to see a pattern in your trolling/comments. i think you own all 3 consoles but just troll for the sake of trolling for attention. cause sometimes you even bash ps3 first party games, when its compared to cod, then if it doesnt go against cod you praise it even if for example you bashed UC3 multiplayer a few mins earlier. youre just really a genuine troll

Nate-Dog2720d ago

Honestly don't even pay attention to Warprincess if you can, sometimes I wish that people who have just one bubble and who are further bubbled down for good reasons are prevented from posting or even get a temp-ban for a while. It's a rare occasion I go to read the comments in a Sony or MS related topic and Warprincess isn't there talking crap.

BabyTownFrolics2719d ago

deadly premonition is a great game