Kinect underperforms in Japan

CVG writes - While Kinect has been called the "fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history", the motion sensing peripheral hasn't performed too well in Japan.

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zootang2718d ago

Are we going for smart consumers or xenophobia?

coolbeans2718d ago

Why not go for obvious?

Underperformance in selling consoles in Japan ='s underperformance in selling Kinects in Japan. Shame it doesn't have that dual-tone bias you're suggesting.

EVILDEAD3602718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

double post

EVILDEAD3602718d ago

Wow..the fact that Kinect sold 90,000 in Japan and Move sold 170,000 means Kinect did way better than expected.

It's Japan..they don't even supports the PS3s biggest why would they support the 360s Kinect in record numbers.

It just continues to to that Japan is a non-factor to be successful in the industry today. Japan loves and supports their own games no matter what the console. But, it's good to see the Japanese developers are on board to make some interesting Kinect titles.

Can't wait for Steel Battalion and Panzer Dragoon for Kinect.


AAACE52718d ago

Pretty much any MS product won't do well in japan! It seemed like they had a good idea to bring something different to that region, but it just hasn't performed.

I have noticed that japan seems to be more focused on Nintendo products though!

With japan becoming a much smaller market to actually care about, I think MS and Sony should focus more on US and EU markets... which is what most of the industry is doing anyway!

Hopefully MS and Sony will get this motion control thing out of their system soon and move on to something else. Because I like the idea of motion control gaming, but I just don't like how companies like MS are trying to make it their primary objective!

They need to realize that Nintendo sucked that market dry. And most of the people who bought are current 360 owners who bought Kinect more for the features and not the games!

gamingdroid2718d ago

I think PS3 userbase in Japan is 3+ million, while Xbox 360 hit 1 million, so the ratio is in MS favour even considering the space needed to play Kinect. How many Japanese people actually have that kind of space to spare?

If MS missed their sales target, they were aiming far too high in the first place!

gapecanpie2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )


That was a stupid comment... I see why you only have one bubble left.

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newleaf2718d ago

Usually its just your upper lip but hey

Gray-Fox-Type02718d ago

Got some freakish hentai games on it that you feel up virtual women and other gross stuff then you will see sales go up.

Baka-akaB2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

that's the first mods you'd see in japan for kinect on pc , and even that failed miserably .

Not to mention they already had their camera based hentai crap before kinect .

NYC_Gamer2718d ago

lack of good software this hardware cant depend on dance central forever

RedDragan2718d ago

Obviously some people think it can last forever on Dance Central. Some people think in strange ways.

mendicant2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

As a Kinect owner, I totally want to see new games. However, I'd much, much rather have them take their time and get some good stuff out there instead of flooding the market with a bunch of shovelware.

Not to say that there isn't some shovelware but at least it's not anywhere near what it is on the Wii. I don't invision Microsoft letting it go that route either. I think they unerstand that they can't allow that to happen.

I enjoy the games I have now; regardless of how few they are. I know that games like Fable Journey, Steel Battalion, and Rise of Nightmares are coming along with a slew of other games. It's a new product and it takes some time. I say take that time and do it right.

The PS3 was the only console I didn't get at launch. I didn't want to pay that kinda money for something that for me, didn't have anything worth playing. It wasn't until I saw the E3 video of Killzone 2 that I decided to get one. My wife got it for me with a PS3 the day it came out and it's a really good console.

The point being is that it took time. The PS3 didn't come out the gate being as great as it is now. Now there are a host of great games to play, to justify the purchase of. Other than financial reasons, I don't see why anyone wouldn't have all the consoles at this point.

Sony took their time and got good stuff out there. MS is doing the exact same thing. Give it some time.

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Darth Stewie2718d ago

If the 360 underperforms in Japan its a no brainer a 360 peripheral will also underperform.

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