Crysis on PS3 & Xbox360 now rated by PEGI

The Pan European Game Information has now rated Crysis for PS3 and Xbox360. An announcement is expected shortly, maybe tomorrow on EA Summer Show Case Event.

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Quagmire2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Literally just finished playing Crysis Warhead, I wonder if that'll be included also.

Dunno if I'll pick it up again, I suppose I should, the game was laggy as hell on my Laptop, hopefully it'll be smooth, and graphically better on the PS3 than what I played.

BeastlyRig2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )


Crytek is screed in the head I think..

They release part 2 then bring part 1?

Meh not a big fan of HD Remakes.. Like mods better.

Your avatar made me think of this vid.



That's more like it!

Quagmire2719d ago

Jumping on the re-release bandwagon im guessing, except its a tad too late considering C2 just came out months ago.

Hopefully this means we can also have Timesplitters HD Collection!

qwertyz2719d ago

@beastly rig

more like low settings crysis 2 consoles runs with crysis 1 low and medium settings mixed together and its VERY linear with limited physics and tiny enviroments in comparison to crysis 1 so therefore consoles will run crysis 1 at low settings or even sub low LOL the ram on consoles is also a big limitation. you being a pc gamer you obviously know consoles where outdated in 2006 with the launch of the geforce series and core 2 duo/quad and extreme processors even an 8800gt(not even gtx) has more ram, memory bandwidth the the ENTIRE ps3/360 and graphics processing power than all 6 spus avialable to game developers plus the rsx(I mention both because those are the ps3 graphics rendering resources) as well as the 360s cpu and gpu(the 360s cpu does perform some graphics operations using the vmx 128 units just not as much as the spus in the cell)

limewax2719d ago

I run Crysis at very high on most settings dx10 (11 is too much for my setup) and this only from a Geforce GT 415M, yep...laptop. But I drop the resolution a bit and window it for better settings. It all depends on the sacrifices you are willing to make to get the performance. I bet medium settings is more likely

captain-obvious2719d ago

im sure it'll look like ass

the first crysis still bring NEW gaming PCs to their knees let alone 2006 consoles

Ranshak2719d ago

Well Crysis 1 could run on a 7800GTX, it would just need to be turned down to 640*480, with low res textures AA turned off.

Many console games run in Sub HD, if Crytek has to retort to those levels to make a buck they just might.

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TheEatingVodka2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

LOLLL "graphically better on the PS3 than what I played".. Are you that retarded? The PS3 can't run Crysis in high graphics you want it to look better than very high?

Keep dreaming

fatalred alarm2719d ago

he said on his laptop, i doubt his laptop does crysis on very high.

Tachyon_Nova2719d ago

Learn to read, he never said be wants it to look better than very high, he said he hoped it will look better than what he played. seeing as he mentions that it lagged bad on his system, I assume he played it on low settings, so it would be reasonable to expect it will look better than that on consoles.

TheEatingVodka2719d ago

@Tachyon you basically contradicted yourself..
"seeing that it lagged bad on his system i assume he played it on low settings" Really?
If it LAGGED it means he ran it on HIGH settings..

Also @fatalred alarm, there are so many laptops out there that can run Crysis on very high

fatalred alarm2719d ago

@ TheEatingVodka, I think we can all agree there's allot that can't.

But yes, there ARE laptops.
But the way this guy talked about hoping to get better graphics on the ps3, I think we can assume he doesn´t own one of those.

thrasherv32719d ago

"If it LAGGED it means he ran it on HIGH settings.."
Not really. I try to run Crysis on low and it laggs for me.

Tachyon_Nova2719d ago

No way did I contradict myself, you just fail at applying logic. If it was lagging bad for him, he would change the settings down a notch, unless of course he was already playing on low in which case he would have to put up with said lag.

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Gray-Fox-Type02719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

this is a great news for console gamers! Lookingg forward to playing Crysis :D Wonder how it looks graphically and what has been done in order to acustom to the consoles :P

slavish32719d ago

i hope this is also a dlc for the people who just got the 2nd one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fishy Fingers2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Would be nice to see an updated version running on PC using CE3 rather than CE2. Interesting to see how it runs/looks on the consoles, eevn if ported to CE3, Crysis 2 looked pretty shabby (being generous) and Crysis with its open sandbox nature should only push them harder, unless heavily gimped.

iamgoatman2719d ago

I'd also like to see Crysis running on the CE3 engine just for the optimization. I average around 60FPS in the first game on very high with 4xAA but at times with lots of AI around my FPS plummet to mid 30's due to the game only being optimized for 2 CPU cores, creates a huge bottleneck even with a fast CPU.

Just as long as they implement multi GPU support properly if they do re-release it (although doubtful anyway), unlike Crysis 2 where performance is still dreadful in Crossfire.

Les-Grossman2719d ago

Bring on Warhead & I wil buy all three

RedDead20672719d ago

I have finished Crysis 1 and Warhead on PC.

I'd glad that console people get to play it as well.

Forget the graphics for a second, the gameplay is fantastic.

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