The Skyrim's The Limit: Masses Of New Information Revealed About Elder Scrolls V

While we don't currently know a whole lot about the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim outside of the fact that it looks insanely awesome, several of the team members who worked on the game have revealed certain snippets about the game in a fan interview over on Bethesda's forums, some with some interesting answers.

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pixboy2722d ago

This game sounds better and better... and I just can't wait for it! :O

NoobJobz2722d ago

How many times is this gonna get approved? It's the 4th time in 24 hours.

ares21al2722d ago

Looks to be interesting, I like the new options for customization if they are accurate.

lolpidian2722d ago

I am willing to hear about how many NPCs will there be on battles (the last battle of Oblivion was a disaster), and how interesting the dungeon designs are (Morrowind dungeons were much more better than the repetitive Oblivion designs).

TinaLauro2722d ago

The excitement is certainly building, there's no two ways about it! This is one title I hope doesn't let us down.

GetoverHere1222722d ago

There is no way an Elder Scrolls title will let anyone down.

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