Wii and Wii U to initially exist side by side

Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime has said that both Wii and Wii U can "survive side by side? as long as the content is there, and as long as the way to differentiate the two is there".

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Darth Stewie2715d ago

They won't coexist more than two years max due to third party support already lacking on the Wii and those third party deveopers who still support the Wii now will just move on to the WiiU. It will be similar to what happened with the Wii/Gamecube and 360/Xbox

Xof2715d ago

Does the WiiU even compete with the Wii? I thought it was more of a peripheral. You know, more like a new "handheld" that attaches to a Wii.

That's what it looks like, at any rate.

zerocrossing2715d ago

Yeah, thanks to Nintendo's confusing unveiling of of the Wii U most people think it is a just a peripheral. In fact Wii U is a brand new Nintendo console they just spent all the time showing of the new controller/pad.

lizard812882715d ago

yeah, lets hope next E3, they show the console off, and not have it in the background. luckily, my local news caught this, and said it was a new console. so i guess not all hope is lost.

Xof2715d ago

So the only thing we've seen is the controller?


N4g_null2715d ago

It seems the only people that where confused where the bias press or blogs. You know we call them fanboys. Even if you though it was a hand held it would crush the vita.

The wii will still sell until we get sequels of all the 10-20 million sellers on the wiiu. Another thing is most hardcore gamers will get the wiiu while kids and the lower incomes will get the wii.

The thing is it's all about software. Every one can afford to make hd games.

Hicken2715d ago

Not DC Universe, LBP2, KZ3, MLB11, ArTonelico, Yakuza 4, SOCOM 4, inFamous 2, Tomb Raider trilogy, Prince of Persia Trilogy, or a half dozen others? If NONE of that piqued your interest, you've got some gaming issues.

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PSjesus2715d ago

Srsly Wii is already dead and Wiiu is not out yet,half of 2011 still no games
Waiting for Kirby Wii,Zelda:SS and Xenoblade then throw it out the window

matey2715d ago

there are still alot of wii games coming yes there not out every 2 mins but the wii at £99 will continue to sell 4 at least 4 years from now

Xof2715d ago

Even if you take into account the games NoA is NOT bringing over for the Wii, it still has a stronger future line up than the 360.

Samus HD2715d ago

and it's still selling better than ps3/360

lizard812882715d ago

Agree. the Wii has been dead this entire year, unless you bought Mario Sports Mix, or the Con2. Those two are it.

I have no idea how they will co-exists, unless they are talking about the fading out part. you've got about 6 months after X console is released (typically) before its done.....Unless your the Dreamcast, which got a new game this year, IIRC

N4g_null2715d ago

I can't remember a game worth buying on the ps3 ethier. Weird but no one talks about that. All muliplats played better on the 360 right? Or maybe just the ones worth buying.

It's more fun letting them stay clueless.

lizard812882715d ago

atleast the ps3 has multiplat games to play, all wii have is crap ATM.

SugarSoSweet2715d ago

Yeah just like EVERY other games console whats new?

Ness-Psi2715d ago

I think there wont be many big games on the Wii after the Wii U launch. just a ton of those Wii fit/ party game types.

Highlife2715d ago

have there been many big releases in the past year or two. The wii hit a wall. I think nintendo's first parties are all focusing on the wii u now.

Kamikaze1352715d ago

Doesn't this apply to all consoles? The only company that I know whom supports their console for so long is Sony. The PS2 is STILL getting games released for it; not many, but it's surprising.

AWBrawler2715d ago

yeah, but i can easily see Big N milking the heck out of the Wii cow until her udders implode.

I'm hoping they do keep it around, and release The Last Story in NA

slaton242715d ago

no ps2 games are not still being released atleast not in america but stores are still selling them

Kamikaze1352715d ago

Yeah there are

www (dot) gamefaqs(dot)com/ps2/releases/ region-1

N4g_null2715d ago

Yeah what games where released on the ps2 that's worth talking about lol. You guys kill me with this support bs.

Kamikaze1352715d ago

Nobody said the support was good - its trash now, of course. But that doesn't mean that it ISN'T getting support. You're free to be as ignorant to the fact as you'd like to.

N4g_null2714d ago

Trash support is not support. Your words not mine but is that what you are expecting for the ps3 trash support. The new uncharted after 3 are going on the ps4 if it ever comes out. Oh yeah no one cares about the future ps3 line up. Oh yeah what ever happened to the year when ps3 caught up?

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