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GameShard writes: "At its most basic level, yes, El Shaddai is a roaming brawler, the likes of which we've seen many times, albeit it rarely done with mechanics these solid or with anywhere near as much ingenuity. When you add in the truly incredible artistic style and the melodic, yet strangely ominous soundtrack, the game is elevated to another level entirely. Whether it can sustain the sense of wonder over the course of its entire adventure remains to be seen"

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pixelsword2723d ago

That was the weirdest demo I ever played.

It was equivocal to watching fish masturbating to pictures of deformed clowns being stabbed by chimpanzees.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2723d ago

Yeah, played the demo. Felt like I was on acid or something, lol.

Psychonaughty2723d ago

Liked the art style (although the gfx were technically poor) and the combat a little too, shame the platforming was so abysmal. I'm invested in the character of Enoch after reading about him in the bible and in the historical document "the book of Enoch" so I came to this with an open mind but if things don't improve alot before release then this will be a rental at best.

Neckbear2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

How was the platforming "abysmal", honestly? Hell, even the director of the game said that the platforming was more reminiscent of ye goode olde days since he was tired of platformers that were automated as hell (you know, the kind where you only press X and the character makes the jump perfectly- of those where actually falling is harder than completing the section).

About the graphics, they only needed anti-aliasing. But, then again, it's on a console.

zerocrossing2723d ago

Im gonna get this, Sure it'll probably have a few faults but what game doesn't? It looks and sounds interesting, Also "original" is something we don't get often.