Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Preorder Bonuses; Numbered Cap, Dog Tags & Free Paint Ball | Esperino

The battle for your hard earned cash is truly underway here in Australia. With the recent announcement of the EB Australian exclusive Battlefield 3: Physical Warfare Steelbook Edition, many gamers may feel the war is already over on where to preorder from. You couldn’t be more wrong.

GAME and JB Hi-Fi are both offering the Battefield 3 Limited Edition and have their own war efforts to win over new customers with preorders incentives made to entice.

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MachoMoustachio2718d ago

Does anyone know if this game will support the EA Online Pass, or is that only for EA Sports games?

BeastlyRig2718d ago

Who cares? This is a day 1 buy anyway! for me anyway..

MachoMoustachio2718d ago

Well, I don't get why everyone is getting on Sony for implementing the PSN Pass for their first-party games yet have not the slightest problem with EA, Warner Bros., THQ, and others doing this.

DeadlyFire2718d ago

Day 0 for me. Pre-order. :)

BLAKHOODe2718d ago

Stealing dogtags FTW! One of the features I love best about Battlefield's multiplayer.

shayol33t2718d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm sick and tired of these australian prices, if I want those pre-order bonus', whats that? I can order off the internet from another country for half price? They really need to get a clue

l2dusk2718d ago

I know how you feel, here in Portugal is the same thing, i get games from the UK 40% cheaper lol.