15 Italians taken to court over Deus Ex: Human Revolution theft

Fifteen Italian nationals have been taken to court by Square-Enix for stealing a preview build of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, containing a rough version of the early sections of the upcoming game, and leaking it onto BitTorrent sites at the end of May.

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Apotheosize2718d ago

strange, playing the preview build sold me on the game so thats too bad for the hackers

coolfool2718d ago

That may be true but that really isn't the point of taking them to court. Otherwise it would be: Theft and leak of early build, good reception, praise them, bad reception, prosecute them. Which isn't really how the reality of law enforcement should work.

Pintheshadows2718d ago

I agree with both of you. It sold me on the game as well but at the end of the day thhe Italians stole the code and should be punished for it.

The leaked build was awesome though apart from the AI.

Semir2718d ago

Square-Enix should thank them. More people will buy their game now, because they had the chance to play the game and see how good it is.

HenryFord2718d ago

that is not the point of the deal - otherwise you could justify every theft if you somehow promote the product you stole. It is not okay to steal those things, it might bring Square Enix some publicity, but it's prohibited by the law and it should be prosecuted.

Think about it - what if the game was a horror in the early stages?

pr0digyZA2718d ago

Yes some people might buy it after playing it, but as Henry said before if it had been a bad version then they would have been put off by it. Then there is the matter of them wanting it as quickly as possible, that they download the full one as soon as its released on bit Torrent sites.

Darkfiber2718d ago

Why does it matter if they are "Italians"? Just curious...