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colonel1792690d ago

I don't know if it is because is a beta, but the game is very unbalanced.
It takes the whole clip to kill someone
The melee sucks, and it is inconsistent. Sometimes you kill with two punches, sometimes with three and sometimes the game just decides who wins

The best thing about Naruto multiplayer is that you played with people that had the same skill (rank) and it was your decision to play with more advanced players. They should do the exact same thing here. People with rank 29 have boosters that make it easier to kill a rank 2 because the rank 2 does not have anything to defend himself.

There are a lot of things that need improvement, and I hope they fix it. The game is very enjoyable, but those little details (especially the emptying the clip one) is a game breaker (at least for me)

Kur02690d ago

This post makes absolutely no sense. The ramblings of someone I suspect may be drunk.

keith-ps32690d ago

i can get into everything but that mode

keith-ps32690d ago

i know where ur coming from ppl act like its perfect sum times dudes kill me with 1 punch sometimes im right in sum ones face shooting heat in there eyes while they shot my chest and i die or we both die but u could always just keep playing to level up so whats the problem get money get perks f shit up ppl at level 29 earn those boosters

xAlmostPro2690d ago

You'll probably find that it's more to do with your accuracy..

I mean the hit detection in UC3 is actually really good.. if you just spray you get owned.. if your aiming but not keeping it steady then it feels like it takes forever. If your steady it takes far less bullets direct to the chest and if your a really good aimer you can pull off headshots very easily.

I hear alot of people complain about this but hey, not every game can be like cod where bvaically every gun kills in 3 bullets.

I will however agree with the melee, for the most part its ok, however it does seem to give both players a kill alot of the time. Like you hit a guy then he gets his first a full second later then you get your second and as he dies he has struck the melee button and somehow you die, but that tbh is my only complaint.

uncharted562690d ago

they are already working on the melee, they confirmed it. As for the damage, I agree that it takes a whole clip to kill them. I had the same opinion as yours but it changed after I invested considerable time in the game. Think that someone catches you from behind in the and shoots you. If you have less damage dude then you will have no chance to escape, you will die. But with the damage as it is now, one actually has the chance to escape. I will tell you nothing is more frustrating then dying from the back and not be able to do something about it.

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Heishiro__Mitsurugi2690d ago

Uncharted beta > Naruto (lol) . But I get what you mean about the melee attacks.

TheCampfireSong2690d ago

Woah, nice patch.

Love ND and the beta is amazing so far.

Js2Kings2690d ago

"Disabled the accumulation of medals to stack Medal Kickback activations. Now, if your Medal Kickback is waiting to be activated, you cannot earn more medals that count towards your Medal Kickback counter until you have activated your current Medal Kickback. Players will still be awarded medals"

Darn, I really like this feature. I guess that makes me a noob lol.

DFogz2690d ago

I loved that feature! Sucks that they took it out, because I liked to hold on to my boosters until I needed them, now that they don't stack I'm losing out on all the medals I earn while waiting for the right time to use my kickback.
My favorite was stacking up 4 or 5 Clusterbombs and carpet bombing the shit out of an area lol

SheenuTheLegend2690d ago

Just Three Words Thanks Naughty Dog

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