5 Reasons You Should Be Excited for the Wii U

While there are so many things unknown at this point, what should have been most excited for this console are the possibilities. If Nintendo can pull off even half of what they’re promising, this will be a must-have console. Let’s just hope they can keep it together!

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jacksonmichael2691d ago

I prefer Cash Machine to Wii U... and... they need to focus on the Wii right now. Especially NOA.

darklordzor2691d ago

I don't think they need to focus on the Wii right now. They've got a new console coming out, so undoubtedly the focus is going to shift to that. Personally I think that's a great thing though.

Hopefully it means this time they'll knock it out of the park!

darklordzor2691d ago

Was already excited for this, but I really hope they make use of all these things. I don't want all of these great possibilities to turn into regrets...