GamesRadar - SSX: The hardcore fanboy hands-on impressions are in

GamesRadar - SSX fans have been in for a fair old rollercoaster of a time over the last six months. But after excitement, fears, and tentative excitement tinged with fears, we can now launch into full-blown excitement. In fact we can probably giggle girlishly and do a little jig.

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shayol33t2723d ago

I have been waiting so very long for this!

ChrisW2723d ago

I still can't believe people were complaining about the initial trailer and how it looked too much like Modern Warfare. Then had the gall to say they weren't going to buy it. I, on the other-hand, had complete faith. And no matter how realistic they were going to attempt to make it, I had faith that it would be just as fun as its predecessors. Now that you guys can see what the new SSX is really going to be like, don't you feel a little silly?