Two more new Platinum Range games revealed for Playstation 3

Amazon France has revealed two more Playstation 3 games that will be joining the budgeted “Platinum Range” lineup for Europe in the near future.

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teedogg802719d ago

Thy are both really great games.

HOSe2719d ago

uhhh not a shot in christ we will see this so soon in NA

keith-ps32719d ago

gt5 lp2 kz3 and msa all for 30 dollers seams like they all just came out less then 6 months ago they must not be sellin they great

shikamaroooo2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Wtf gran turismo 5 has sold over 6 million most likely over 8 by now. And games only release on platinum when the sell good

keith-ps32719d ago

world wide gta5 sold that maybe? i mean now i think all of them are selling very slow gt5 hasnt even been out a year somethings not right and who told u that sell good thing demon souls didnt sell shit. half a million becomes a ps hit i think thats alot for a easy game to make like street fighter but gta5 lbp2 kz3 took a while to make and coast alot of money to make f it im done