Battlefield 3 going all Burger King in the multiplayer

EA's posted an interview with Battlefield 3 Lead Multiplayer Designer Lars Gustavsson on the official game blog, and the key with multiplayer in the new game, he says, is that Dice wants you to have it your way.

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xPhearR3dx2722d ago

That picture is pricless =)

CaptCalvin2722d ago

All this "catering" and "streamlining" in my favorite game franchises is really bugging me like crazy nowadays.

Hicken2722d ago

Look on the bright side: it stops it from becoming the same rehashed, repetitive titles that some other franchises have turned into.

CaptCalvin2722d ago

well in my experience, anytime a game is said to "cater" or "streamline" it is intended for the players of the rehashed and repetitive titles. I don't like it when they're giving those players any attention when making this game. I don't care if BF ever takes the "FPS crown" because that's meaningless when talking about gameplay these days.

Hicken2722d ago

I think that if anybody can both cater to new players, be innovative, AND still deliver what their core audience wants, DICE can.

nickjkl2722d ago

what do you have against streamlining

i feel as if gamers these days would rather stay in a specific time period than to move on the elimination and changing of features is what makes gaming different from other mediums of entertainment

CaptCalvin2722d ago

I'm all for improvements in games, but when developers say "streamline" they rarely actually mean that nowadays. The massive influx of mentally-challenged, immature, and lazy gamers, who are unfortunately in the vast majority these days, prompts the publishers and developers to over-simplify their games. So gamers who are more used to games being deeper such as myself can't help but to feel cheated.

ShoryukenII2721d ago

Blame Nintendo. Hopefully they can reel them all in with the WiiU.

Mr Tretton2722d ago

All I know is I wanna play the fuck out of BF3, and I may just be buying a new PC for it. Until PS4 comes, I'm going to buy PS3 exclusives and PC games. I'm ready to jump on to better graphics/no DLC/keyboard-mouse, right now. Haven't been a PC gamer in a long time. BF3 is pushing me back into it.

BF3 is basically doing what Crysis did for PC in 2007.

curtis_boy2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

PC gaming never has to compromise
Console gaming cant even run a game in 1080p(dont get me started on what else THEY CANT DO!)

Mr Tretton2722d ago

Well shit baby, give me agrees and bubbles. I don't get enough of that because people see my name and av and think I'm a troll for some reason.

Hey, I like Jack, sue me! :)

Tripl3seis2722d ago

this game man has excited i cant wait this going to be an awesome experience for sure.

Supman2722d ago

I wish I could afford a pc....

Hassassin2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

maybe you can... do you have any sort of budget? I can help :)

theonlylolking2721d ago

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