PS3 Clannad Expansion Hits Today

The full restoration of the Japanese PlayStation Network service means that all the download content that had been scheduled for release over the past couple months will finally make it out. For visual novel fans, this means Prototype's Clannad expansion, "Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de."

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takedown2715d ago

Well that's good. Too bad I can't read Japanese at all, otherwise I might get it.
On a related note, we DO need more visual novels in english.

Redempteur2715d ago

not going to happen on consoles ... they aren't even considered as games in this part of the world .

pinkyxyz2715d ago

i wish we had visual novels in the US. whats the prob?

Neckbear2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Nobody wants to pay 60$ for a Choose your Own Adventure book with anime drawings.

Alternatively, Sony usually doesn't allow them (Emphasis in "usually", as Aksys is actually publishing a VN for the PSP here in the U.S.). Perhaps the same applies to other platform holders, excluding Nintendo to some degree; at least with the DS.

And, I'd imagine the lengthy process of translation proves to be another obstacle.

pinkyxyz2714d ago

well no one in their right mind would pay 60 bucks for a visual novel and i dont see why it couldnt just be a download only title. If sony is blocking this sort of entertainment in the U.S but they don't have a single problem with releasing it in other territories then they need to get their priorites straight because contrary to popular belief their is an audience here. I've personally never bought one of these games before but i would like the option at least