Gamers Not Ready for PlayStation 4

A daily mash-up of today's top stories from around the gaming industry. Today we talk about the possibility of Playstation 4 coming sooner rather than later. It is also looking like the original Crysis is coming to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Uncharted 3 Beta goes live to the public and the Playstation Network is getting a makeover.

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Abash2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Well I'm not. We still haven't even gotten Twisted Metal, Uncharted 3, Starhawk, and Sly 4 yet. The PS3 still has me interested

ksense2694d ago

I really have a feeling this is going to be ps3.5 which will release with most of the features people have been asking for like extra ram and vita type xmb and kinect like motion controls (although this is not something a lot of us want) without any graphical upgrade and it will still only play ps3 games and release for 299.99 and they will drop the price of the original ps3 for 199.99 when it launches late 2012. Just a hunch

the question is how many will actually buy a new version of ps3 with all the features people have been asking for. I think i will buy it

ksense2694d ago

@peacefully jelly

oh my that was so complicated that you did not get it!!

i am talking about a dsi xl kinda upgrade where the system will still play the same type of games but with enhancements in other areas. like a ps3 with kinect like controls (i don't want this) cross game chat, newer xmb which is faster etc... if u still dont get it then may god help u

jony_dols2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I'll be ready for the PS4, once the backlog of games clear up after this Christmas....

E3 2012 reveals of both the PS4 & Xbox 720 please! With the aim for 2013 releases....

LightofDarkness2694d ago

Don't worry, ksense, everybody got it. It's just that we are all now dumber for having read it, as is dutifully illustrated in Peaceful_Jelly's helpful video.

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TheLastGuardian20102694d ago

Damn straight. Besides I'm not intersested in the ps4 until we see The Last Guardian and Versus XIII. After that we'll talk about it. Until then, f-off.

curtis_boy2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

When will they ever learn

(thinking its devs fault not hardware issue because teh untapped power) #FAIL


TBM2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Ya might wanna stop with the generalization of all console gamers guy. I've been gaming for more than 30yrs, and being a knowledgeable gamers I've known for quite some time now that consoles will never match PCs when it comes to overall development.

But i'll tell ya this i'm quite happy to be a console gamer since I get great exclusives to go along with great 3rd party games (gravy)

Im sure 90% of the console gamers out there has known this too.

MysticStrummer2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

PC gamers smh
When will they ever learn

(thinking that graphics are the cake not the icing) #FAIL


Thatguy-3102694d ago

I'm totally ready for the next Gen of consoles andits most likely true since there has been a lack of any new game announcements.New Hardware is always exciting IMO

MysticStrummer2694d ago

From your comment I can guess which console you don't have. I'm not ready for PS4. There are plenty of games I'm looking forward to for the rest of this year and into the next. If nothing interesting is shown at Sony's E3 press conference next year, then I'll start to want a new console from them. I expect PS4 to be announced in some way next E3 though, even if it's just a teaser with no real info.

Thatguy-3102693d ago

Did I miss any new game announcments ? And Mystic if your guess is Xbox360 then your right !!!! And what interesting thing was shown this year at E3? It was things we already knew about software wise of course there was a lack of gaming announcements from Sony and MICROSOFT and I emphasize Microsoft just for the fact that fanboys would have disagree me crazy...and if I'm wrong then please show me the list of the exciting NEW games that were announced at E3.

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Warprincess1162694d ago

I know im ready. 2013 is the perfect time to launch the PS4 sony.

Black-Helghast2694d ago

Well maybe 2015..Cause you know, I wanna play some games like Final Fantasy Versus 13 and MGS5 (IF THEY EVER RELEASE IT...) on my PS3.

altimako022694d ago

those games wont come out until ps4 , ps3 just isnt powerful enough

DA_SHREDDER2694d ago

I want Batttlefield 3 with pc graphics and cross video chat on consoles. Is that too much to ask for?

Master_S2694d ago

2013 is perfect for PS4,come on PS3 is OVER.

slavish32694d ago

I'm so f'ing ready for next gen!

zinkabassy2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

360 guy I presume,..

I am quite happy with my ps3,..because of the GAMES,.. Really want next gen to be a bigger leap, than instead 720p to 1080p with higher AA and aniso and slightly higher reso assets,.. That is not next gen in visuals, to me at least,.. Could not give less of a fuck if it looks slightly better, there needs to be a leap,..

And great games is what it is all about,.. It always was and always will be... It is not like this generation console games look like a complete and utter shit compared to my 1700 eur pc rig,..because I would be lying,.. it is not ps1 VS Geforce2 ultra (and kots of ps1 games were still better games on that weak system,.. it actually had awesome exclusives)

slavish32694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

no i got a ps3 in 2006 been a while. and its time to move on! you know just because ps4 and the next xbox come out doesn't mean you have to get it or stop using your ps3, but that only common sense.

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