The Future Of Gaming: Your Mom

Captainstarball writes: Believe it or not, if I had to attribute my gaming addiction, I mean passion, to anybody, it would be my mom. My fondest childhood memory dates back to my kindergarten years when I had just received my N64. With my mom, I logged countless hours on Diddy Kong Racing. We raced head to head and just took turns on the story mode. Gaming became our family time.

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thebudgetgamer2719d ago

the last game my mother played was safari hunt on the master system.

djsandman2719d ago

The future of gaming is me on your mother.
Think about it.

spacedelete2719d ago

the future of gaming is me and your mum playing together and having a snuggle.

kza2719d ago

My mum just completed Dead Space 2 lol, it may of taken her about 40hrs but shes better than some people on my friends list LOL!

Shadowstar2719d ago

No way is my mom going to play CoD-- Heavy Rain, Flower and LA Noire all interest her, but she gets too frustrated because of the controls. She'd rather watch me playing and tell me what to do. She had some fun with volleyball on Sports Champions, though, and seemed to like Dance Central when I made her play it. I don't think that you can necessarily pull the casual gamers into the more traditional hardcore modes. Even when they're interested, they don't have the background. This guy's mom was a gamer once, so she was probably a bit comfortable with the abstract interface, but the casual people who were never gamers... I'm not sure they can make that leap. (Not that I wouldn't cheer if they did!)