Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review [GameRevolution]

"I'm finding myself playing summer action games, packed with just as much stupidity, shooting, and time wasting as any given summer blockbuster. Unfortunately, Transformers: Dark of the Moon still left me wanting." - Daniel Bischoff GameRevolution

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stormeagle62716d ago

The game looked good enough from previews, but I always have my reservations when it comes to this Michael Bay Transformers crap.

T3mpr1x2716d ago

An average movie tie-in video game based on an average movie? Who would have guessed???

jefejose2716d ago

I rent the game and it was ok, but War For cybertron was way better


Its not bad for the development time it had, if your a TF fan its really fun and although it severly lacks polish all the characters having abilities unique to them is a nice touch. Makes each transformer feel unique.

But there is a really gay thing people can do with the hunter class, they can ram into you in jet form and its cheap as hell because it takes 2 rams to kill you even if your a warrior and they seem to take no damage.