Dark Souls Lets Players Hide In A Coffin And Ambush Others For Their Body

Siliconera: From Software’s spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls puts you in the shoes of an immortal. According to news from Japanese magazines, retaining your humanity will be a key part of Dark Souls. When you die your humanity is lost. It sounds like this how Dark Souls will shift players between phantoms and physical forms.

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MrDead2716d ago

They better keep out of my coffin, I dont want footprints on the quilting!

femshep2716d ago

sweetness, and a little frighting because demon souls was and still is filled with assholes who just raid peoples raid by the same person 3 times once

bangoskank2716d ago

Yes, but there's nothing more rewarding than when some idiot raids your world and you kick their ass.

femshep2716d ago

XD yeah i always get raided in the bigger maps so i just run around and they end up quitting cause they cant find me

bloodybutcher2716d ago

im ashamed to admit that when i got invaded first time,i just chickened out and turn the game off xD but after that i started fighting back...and this is true,its a great feeling to kick black phantoms butts^^but i wouldnt go so far to call them idiots,invading other players world is a game feature so we just have to deal with that.and its not like we cant invade others as well...some players even come as BP to help,i had that once.since bad gus didnt attack him he was just slaughtering them like sheep^^and then he helped me with one of the bosses.

bigshel2716d ago

I usually get my fighting games on both systems and my RPGs on the PS3. however I might... Just might have to get this on the 360 or both systems. BTW two things; 1) Im gonna be WAY more shady on this version and 2) 360 players are NOT ready for this game. Can not wait. Demon Souls was just soo Good, yet underrated.

DaTruth2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

But if it flops on 360, you're gonna be extremely lonely!

@Femshep: I hated the Black Phantoms, because they would come into your world prepared for battle and you would be prepared for the level. They will have the Scraping spear ready to scrape you to nudity!

bigshel2715d ago

how the hell is it going to flop on the 360 and not the PS3? if a game flops, it flops across the board, not on one system.

blahblah2715d ago

if it flops on 360? lol, so far everything points that both console owners will be able to play against each other. they don't use PSN or XBox Live (and what luck this is... goodbye freaking lag). dark souls is P2P game without chat or voice, so nothing stops them to interconnect both consoles in one service. they only mentioned that they will limit interconnections by distance to avoid lag further

DaTruth2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Relax yourselves! I just meant that nobody with a 360 only has played Demon's Souls and thus the game may not perform as well! 360 also mainly sells to the shooter crowd!

You guys really got to lose this fanboy mentality where everyone is against your console even when it's so obviously a valid point!

Sinterfire2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Black phantoms were annoying in Demon souls. I hated getting random invasions half way through a stage. I just know I'll get owned by a coffin hider. I can't wait to pick this game up. I hope its 10 times harder than Demon Souls. Bring it!

blahblah2715d ago

maybe you should treat them as random hard boss with great AI, this way it fits perfectly with your wish for 10 times harder game;) invasions, FTW

and... getting invaded halfway trough stage was much easier than getting invaded while fighting the first opponent in the stage. at least you had safe place to back away to. 98% of my ds play were invading and whenever i invaded someone at start i either waited for him to get starting space clean or even helped him clean space and then attack him.

Sinterfire2715d ago

Not when the other player has better weapons/magic and stats then you. Plus IDK if it was my connection but PvP was laggy on DS. I'd critical strike a opponent and nothing would happen. It wasn't a challenge it was pure frustrating when it happened.

dc12716d ago

I think Im ready.... in DS1 you were warned that someone invaded your world.. If we have folks jumping out of hidden places, well.... that's different. O_o

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