DICE is Pulling No Stops With Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

BP writes: "DICE is planning Battlefield 3 to be their biggest blockbuster yet introducing a new engine, new mechanics to their multiplayer, and a bevy of new features that are aiming to entice both new gamers and fans who are familiar with the Battlefield franchise."

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JoGam2601d ago

BF3 is going to be awesome. Can't wait! By the way, hopefully the beta is on PS3.

mau642601d ago

Yeah I do too, I cannot wait to finally give this game a shot. Glad they decided to do a beta.

smashly2601d ago

I hope the beta is across all platforms.

TheCampfireSong2601d ago

It clearly mentions it on the medal of honor cases.

Madusha2601d ago

A PC and Xbox 360/PS3 Beta is likely. They need test out the different capabilities seen with PC vs. Console. @The rants about graphics: Screw that, BF3 is going to be stunning on consoles AND PC. Don't forget, what makes it so great is the gameplay Battlefield brings to FPS.

leogets2601d ago

all platforms will have the beta. battlefields always have a beta. ;)

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brandynevils2601d ago

This game will hopefully make Infinity Ward and the other Activision developers rethink how they handle the COD series next year.

mau642601d ago

I definitely think it will, otherwise it will quickly end up like where Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero is currently. Maybe not right now since SO many people are still playing it but it will fizzle out.

Sarobi2601d ago

I think most of the original Infinity Ward works under RESPAWN with EA, so if anything i think they already know Call of Duty has no real improvements

volcane2601d ago

Shouldn't that be they're 'Pulling out all the stops'. If they pull no stops, it means they're not doing much :)

badvlad2601d ago

im sick and tired of these websites that got no news on bf3 n they just keep on repeating the same shit

Hazmat132601d ago

for some reason what i look forward too the most in FPS's are the reload animations. idk why i like them.

Hazmat132600d ago

lol thanks BRAH the PS2 game Black is what started it all that game is a gun porn. man i need to play it again. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.