PlanetSide 2 Countdown Begins, "Thousand Player Armies" in Real-Time

With "big announcements" planned for PlanetSide Next at the SOE Fan Faire starting July 7th, we're all excited to see exactly what Sony Online Entertainment has lined up for us. Now - a couple of days before the show - SOE has teased their big reveal.

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dbjj120882720d ago

Those will be huge battles... I'll wait and see if it's real.

doctorstrange2720d ago

I can see a lotta comparisons with Dust 514 coming out

Reefskye2720d ago

Never seen planetside 2003?

ATiElite2720d ago

Thousand player battles?

Make it a million and i'll buy it.

doctorstrange2720d ago

But would be cool - even if you can't really see more than a coupla hundred at one time in an FPS

jaykkel2719d ago

WWIIOL (2001 MMOFPS) Already achieved 5000 players on one huge battlefield, it's possible then and it's possible now.

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T3mpr1x2720d ago

Ooh PlanetSide...There was a decent attempt at an MMOFPS. I liked it, but just could not bring myself to pay monthly for a game.

Reefskye2720d ago

Can wait for planetside 2 loved the first

BigWoopMagazine2720d ago

yeah... I don't know if I'll ever pay monthly fees. Needs to be super duper ultra epic,,, and even then...

blumatt2720d ago

I hope MAG 2 ups the player count to around a thousand or so. That would definitely bring the immersion level through the roof. I'd like to see an online multiplayer game where it's the old times (like the Scorpion King movie) and both teams line up and you all just rush each other in an open desert environment and fight team deathmatch style. Would be awesome!

ShoryukenII2720d ago

That's too awesome. There are rules against that sort of thing in video games.

tdrules2720d ago

they should probably work on making MAG a good game first

Nes_Daze2720d ago

MAG was decent, and it did what it promised and that was 256 player battles. If they can just get the graphics done a little better next time it would be an amazing game.

evrfighter2720d ago

Im sure people would take a good game with 64 man servers then a crappy game with 256 man servers

Hockeydud192720d ago

Total War series. But if your talking FPS that'd be fun. I can't believe a developer hasn't done that for like a dark ages game etc.

jaykkel2720d ago

That would never happen in a console game period. And planetside (IF ANYONE) ever played planetside you'd know that you can rush each other in an open desert environment if you want

blumatt2719d ago

It might happen in this next generation of consoles, PS4 and Xbox 720. You never know how powerful they may be.

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MrCrimson2720d ago

some of my favorite gaming experiences ever occurred in the original.

jaykkel2720d ago

"But would be cool - even if you can't really see more than a coupla hundred at one time in an FPS"

Yeah, you never played planetside before you had 600 people continent 6000 in a PERSISTENT server (so I don't know why the HELL are you comparing Planetside 2 to Dust, it makes no sense it's like comparing Demon Souls to Everquest).