40° Rooster’s POV – PS4…. Take that Wii U

Playstation 4 rumored to release in 2012. Rooster from gives his 2 cents on the competition brewing.

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Peaceful_Jelly2635d ago

what is this I don't even...

frankymv2635d ago

lol. Yep. Its the major rumor right now and from Digitimes which is pretty accurate.

frankymv2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I can totally see a PS4 next year.

Sony will want to jump the gun on its competitors in order to not be playing catch up the entire gen.

They need to do something exciting and catch the industry off guard. Sony is truly struggling atm. 3rd place in the console race, Kinect beating out move, samsung beating it in tv sales, apple embarrassing them in laptop sales, console/games sales flagging, PSN mega-hack, etc.

prettyboy122635d ago

woah woah...calm down buddy,sonys been around for as long as i can remember,im pretty sure they will manage just fine.besides competition is what drives them

DA_SHREDDER2635d ago

Sega has been around way before the playstation brand came out, and look what happened to them. I would never underestimate the competition. Never.

kookie2635d ago

Its not even announced lol

Theparanerds2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

hence the Rumor

lizard812882635d ago

I don't know. Sony lost quite alot of money on the ps3. i don't think that they would clean their hands of it this fast. MAYBE, by holiday season of 2012, but thats a big MAYBE. i'm thinking '13 or '14.

NLGSean2632d ago

People need to get over this. You will not see the PS4 any time soon. Sony has too much invested in the PS3 and Jack Tretton even said the PS3 is midway through its life cycle. The PS3 is still very capable of delivering jaw-dropping graphics and gameplay. This article just sounds like a whiny fanboy that just wants to take shots at Nintendo.

Theparanerds2631d ago

Ironically he doesn't own a PS3 but owns a Nintendo Wii...awkward...