Final Fantasy VII - The Saga goes on with 'On the Way to a Smile'

But not on consoles or handhelds. With 'On the Way to a Smile' we can look forward to a collection of seven short stories written by Kazushige Nojima the scenario writer for the RPG Final Fantasy VII and its spin-off movie Advent Children. Each story takes a look at how the characters have been doing in the two year gap between the end of the original FFVII story and the beginning of the movie Advent Children.

On the Way to a Smile releasing shortly on July 19th in Europe.

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Pozzle2720d ago

Wow, I remember reading some of these stories almost five years ago. The Final Fantasy forums went crazy with new theories, claims the stories weren't canon, claims they contradicted each other and didn't make any sense. lol good times.

knifefight2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Is this a book? I don't get what this is about.

It says it's not "on consoles or handhelds" but a collection of stories. So where do I read them? Online? Or in a book? E-book? Audio book?