PlayStation 3 Atelier Series Tops 400,000 Units

Andriasang: The "Arland" subseries of Gust's Atelier series has crossed the 400,000 mark in shipments, director Yoshito Okamura revealed at the Atelier Meruru official blog today. The shipment figure includes Atelier Rorona, Atelier Totori, the just released Atelier Meruru, and all related budget versions.

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zerocrossing2568d ago

Looks kinda shoujo, Still with the total lack of RPG games being released here Im tempted to get this... Yes I am ashamed of myself thank you.

TheColbertinator2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

I have the first one Atelier Rorona,its actually a decent RPG in my opinion.Plenty to do such as alchemy,ingredient gathering,plenty of side quests,tons of recruitable companions and 4 alternate endings.

Also the art is gorgeous and the music is very cheerful.I would recommend it at $40 if you can find it at that low price.

zerocrossing2568d ago

Sounds like a pretty full RPG I agree the art style looks great too, I may just pick it up if I can find it. Thanks for the recomending it.

coryok2568d ago

i agree with thecolbertinator, its a fun game, i would describe it as delightfully fun :) lol

Servbot2568d ago

On the contrary, the game is targeted towards male otaku. The game is populated with pretty anime girls for a reason. The Atelier series used to be completely tame though. It seems like each new installment brings more fan service. I wonder how much longer it will take before it's on par with Ar Tonelico's creep factor.

Peaceful_Jelly2568d ago

I think this game goes both ways...

zerocrossing2568d ago

So It does O.o Its got something for everybody lol

zerocrossing2568d ago

targeted towards male otaku huh?, I guess that's me lol. I do know what you mean though some games are border line creepy!, Well I'll pick it up if I can find it, Ive been waiting for a decent RPG that's a bit different. Not sure if your comment was ment as a recommendation but thanks all the same.

Neckbear2568d ago

Actually, the Atelier fanbase also has a decent female following, at least in Japan.

Whilst the fanservice part is indeed right, it's not like it goes beyond the swimsuit/hot spring events you see once a playthrough.

CrescentFang2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Hooray! Good to hear that Gust is doing well. Like with the Final Promise Story, the developers weren't looking at the sales to be over 1 million or something for it to be successful. I can't wait for Totori to come this fall! It seems like it didn't include the Rorona sales outside Japan, but I would not expect Gust games to sell well outside Japan...
EDIT: also the artist is Kishida Mel if anyone is wondering, an artbook was recently released in the US by UDON too :3

crinale2568d ago

Has Atelier Totori come out on West yet? It actually is a quite good RPG. It has gotten far better than its predecessor.

Kira832568d ago

not yet, its due in september. and hopefully Meruru wont be far behind.

Redempteur2568d ago

i should be happy because meruru is selling but 400k in 3 games is ..Well good .. i hope the sell of rorona ( and soon totori) will allow the series to pass the million mark ..

zatrox2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

This is actually without counting Western sales, we'd all presume. Which means that, couting the 100k sales Meruru's gotten so far, Rorona and Totori both averaged at ~150k sales. Pretty damn great, if you ask me.

Redempteur2568d ago

i agree ..with these numbers , NISA localisation is a no brainer ... and that peases me a lot