Coming First: Half-Life vs MGS5 writes, "With sequels being all the rage in the video game industry the past few years, it’s honestly hard to believe that we’ve yet to see confirmation of Metal Gear Solid 5 or Half-Life Episode 3 existing. The previous title in each series received rave reviews, and still stand as fan favorites. With sequels being so popular in the industry, which title will we see first?"

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Ace_Man_62717d ago

But first, Gran Turismo 6

subtenko2717d ago

well screw MGS5 then, its not like its gonna be a MGS4. Bring on teh Half-Life! nAow!

Dazel2717d ago

I don't see MGS5 coming out on ps3 so at a guess I'd say Half Life E3 will be first.

Ocelot5252717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

idd the entire mgs fanbase will sell their PS3 and buy a 360 /s

multiplatform is possible, but it am 100% confident it will released on a playstation console

Oldsnake0072717d ago

maybe he meant it will release on the ps4 not the ps3.

Well that would make you look like a retard.

Ocelot5252716d ago

the gears of war emblem made me think he was a troll

Dazel2716d ago

I did indeed think it would appear on the ps4 rather than the ps3. He takes ages to make his games, always wants the best system and imo the ps4 will be out by Xmas 2013.

As for the GoW cog, that doesn't make me a troll. MGS is my all time favorite series, number two my personal favorite. Im a gamer not a fanboy...

Redgehammer2717d ago

Half-life "anything" would be great! TF3?

BlitzAK2716d ago

TF3 should be in the style of TFC, much more hardcore. Not saying TF2 is bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.