Battlefield 3: Beta News Coming in a Few Weeks

Dice’s Daniel Matros has shared new information concerning the Battlefield 3 beta and when we’ll hear more about it.

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ainsz2569d ago

Yes, yes, yes! This is why I bought Medal Of Honour. That and for Frontline HD!

BeastlyRig2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

It's an open beta! No MOH needed..
@Below yeah I know I am surprised no one complained about it.

ainsz2569d ago

What!? No, but there's a red sticker saying get the Battlefield 3 Beta with this! Those lyers! those, those traitors! Damn you to hell Dice you awesome developers, damn you!

Are_The_MaDNess2569d ago

did you read the article?

"Those that purchased Medal of Honor will gain access to the beta and receive an invitation once things begin. Additional details will be shared in the coming weeks."

Nate-Dog2569d ago

Yeah as AreTheMadness said those with MoH will get access to the beta first. There will be an open beta but that'll come last, MoH users will get it a lot earlier.

lil Titan2569d ago

its a open beta?...nah but if true we are not amused Dice. that was the whole point into getting MOH limited edition. i would have just got the normal game

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pr0digyZA2569d ago

It might be a timed beta for you ainsz just like the UC3 one.

ainsz2569d ago

That's cool. The more people who get to play it, the better. Only I get dibbs on all the best camping spots!

ShoryukenII2569d ago

I didn't think I'd see Examiner reporting on Battlefield news so soon after their trolling.

QuantumWake2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Will EA eventually throw up the beta in the marketplace? I remember last year with the Medal of Honor beta, the codes were leaked and I managed to get a hold of one. lol

kza2569d ago

It will be for MOH and Ps plus users imo.