Could the Silent Hill series be going back in time?

Rely on horror: Posted on the Silent Hill Facebook page was this perplexing question: “What time period of Silent Hill’s history would you like to experience in the next Silent Hill title?”

While this is far from what I’d consider a confirmation, game developers and publishers often use Facebook to gauge how fans feel about their games. Could Konami be looking into setting a future Silent Hill title in a different time period than modern times?

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jc485732357d ago

most of the Silent Hill games have been pretty shitty lately.

TheLastGuardian20102357d ago

Homecoming was the only illegitimate shitty one. The rest have been okay to incredible.

jc485732357d ago

Simply being ok is not enough. Silent Hill is really going no where, but you have to blame the first few games for being so interesting that the later games are simply not good enough.

Colmshan19902356d ago

I've only played Silent Hill: Origins on the PSP of the recent ones.
Before that the last Silent Hill games I played were the Silent Hill 1, 2(Director's Cut) and 3 trilogy.
Anyway, Origins was a great game, legitimately scary, and it fit in my pocket.
In other words, it was nearly perfect- exactly what a PSP Silent Hill should be, aside from a few slight issues.

jc485732354d ago

I honestly didn't like Origins.

ainsz2357d ago

Woah that picture is creepy. I can handle Marston as a zombie, but that? That is something else.

whothedog2357d ago

I don't know about that but maybe. I hope the next one coming out is good.

RickHiggity2357d ago

This would actually be really cool

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The story is too old to be commented.