Batman: Arkham City Robin concept art plus look of character explained

XMNR: The Tim Drake version of Robin for Batman: Arkham City sports a slightly different look than he does in the comic or in any of the animated versions of the character. But he doesn't look as different as he could have as some concept art for the character shows a hooded figure.

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Cheeseknight282518d ago

It looks terribly generic. Not that I was picking it up at Best Buy anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

toxic-inferno2518d ago

I wish they'd kept the hood!

Merivigian2517d ago

They did..if you look at the first pic ever released, it's laying on his back...

toxic-inferno2517d ago

You are in fact right! Hadn't noticed this. Still, I bet you don't get the opportunity to play as Robin with his hood up. As much as I like this design for Robin, I'm not so keen on the shaved head. Still, I guess the long haired/spiky haired Robin wouldn't work so well in a 3D environment.

Merivigian2517d ago

@toxic-inferno: You never know, maybe it provides a perfect amount of shade for his "detective mode" to work properly. There are loads of ways they could use it, but most prominently in the cut scenes/when we first see him.