All Mortal Kombat DLC characters are banned from Evo2k11

Mr. Wizard (Evo Championship series organizer) just tweeted over 2 hours ago that all the Mortal Kombat characters are banned from EVO championship series 2011.

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GameScrub2692d ago

This is actually pretty big since tons of players spend time to learn characters for tournaments. If they are banned they need to switch strategies and learn a new character before the tournament.

That is a deal breaker for some players.

Redempteur2692d ago

not really if MK is as strog as some people here imagine, then those characters will be there for the next EVO ..

that is assuming MK is still played

GameScrub2691d ago

Actually I think it has more to do with money than anything else. Evo being so huge they would have to buy tons of those dlcs which is not something they want to lose money on.

They also get people to donate systems so that makes it unreliable for them to ensure they have ALL the DLC characters.

I didn't disagree with you btw

Redempteur2691d ago

money ?

ROFL way ..

bigshel2692d ago

LOL at slow news day. Anyway. Its big news because EVO is the Fighting game Community's "Super Bowl" as far as tournaments goes and the fact that the DLC are banned is big news, considering the fact SSFIV: arcade edition is allowed (even after only being released 2 months before the tournament) and MK DLC characters are not allowed.