Skyrim Starting to Acquire Fable Like Features

RipTen - Bethesda just posted a pretty lengthy fan interview that suggest certain features in the game will resemble the Fable series.

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xPhearR3dx2424d ago

I love the Fable series, but his comment sounded too Fable-ish. I'm interested to see how Bethesda handles this one.

captain-obvious2424d ago

"Skyrim Starting to Acquire Fable Like Features"

lol no

xPhearR3dx2424d ago

Guess you can't read. Hmm oh well.

captain-obvious2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

just because they added something like relationships and marriage
that doesn't make it an "Acquiring Fable Like Features"

so don't worry about my reading skills
you need to worry about your gaming knowledge

many games did it before
dont act now like if fable did it first and everyone + skyrim is ripping it

+ comparing skyrim to fable is like comparing a Ferrari to a corolla

it just dont work

WittyAdrian2424d ago

Indeed, besides; this news was already known (to me anyway). The fact that you can get married, have someone move in with you and so on... It's all about how it is developed.

I will admit, if developed in a certain way it can resemble Fable, but there are plenty of other ways to develop this aspect in which case it can become something entirely different...

inveni02423d ago

I think this is a great feature. The more details in a RPG the better, imo. As long as they aren't cumbersome to the gameplay, I welcome additions like these.

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Kamikaze1352424d ago

His problem isn't that he can't read, it's that you put a very misleading title. Fable is a good series, but is a failure in the eyes of gamers. So putting a title like that and comparing Skyrim to Fable is just discussing. You could have said "Sims like" because using "Fable like" is just....bad.

Plus a lot of people dislike the Fable series so you're only leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

Objective2423d ago

Only people who dislike Fable or think it is a failure are the ones who never played it and just want it to fail. In your own words it is a good series, it is not great, but there's hardly much about it to vehemently dislike. Fable is the series that tried to establish more prominence in relationships with NPCs, it is not the first to do that, it has not necessarily implemented the best system for it, but it has been a focal point, so absolutely nothing wrong with the title tbh.

MartinGlow2423d ago

You can get married? Oh you can do that in The Sims!

New article; "Skyrim Starting to Acquire Sims Like Features"!


Objective2423d ago

I didn't know Sims is an RPG.

jaredhart2424d ago

Never liked the Fable series.

AngelicIceDiamond2424d ago

Borrowing Fable features isn't a bad idea, though the game is all ready full of rich content why not add more.

Heartnet2424d ago

Depends what they take.. If they took the Fps health bar and the No menu system fable 3 implemented.. that would ruin any game

CrzyFooL2424d ago

Noooooooooooooooooooo. Get your watered down crap out of my Elder Scrolls!!

Pintheshadows2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

It's not really watered down if they are adding and refining. Also the only thing Fable about it is marriage so the title is misleading.

You could move into houses in Daggerfall. It came out in 1996! You could also do it in Oblivion. Branching quests were not started by Fable either. I stand by my comment because i'm right.

Also doing quests for people in Oblivion raises their disposition towards you making them like you more. Is that not friendship.

I read the interview in the other news post and not once did I think Fable.

xPhearR3dx2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Actually, making friends by doing quest for them, marriage, moving into houses with your spouse is all straight from the Fable Series. Not just one thing. I agree though, I don't think it will be too much of a problem.

Were not talking about Daggerfall, were talking about Elder Scrolls. You couldn't walk up to anyone in Oblivion, do a quest for them and become their friend. In Fable you can. So no, you're not right.

EDIT: Disposition did next to nothing in Oblivion with random NPC's. The only thing it was really useful for was getting discounts at shops. It's not the individual features themselves, it's all those features being tied together, which is exactly what Fable did.

krazykombatant2424d ago

He should have read the article.

Pintheshadows2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

I hate to make you look dumb mate but Daggerfall is the second Elder Scrolls game. Lol.

And yes i'm still right and have clearly been playing Elder Scrolls games for a lot longer than you. I'm also pretty sure that friendship will actually work in Skyrim. It can't be any worse than Molyneux efforts.

In Oblivion I considered them friends. They smiled and chatted when I came to visit. Some even invited me into their homes but I suppose you are talking about something more clear cut.

Johnny Jiron2424d ago


Maybe not in Elder Scrolls, but in Bethesda's other game Fallout they had a companion system. You did something for them, and then it opened an option to have them join you on your quests or complete further sub quests with said companion.

This may just be a more in depth addition to that system.

Also Daggerfall is ELDER SCROLLS II.

Its all inevitable immersion for this kind of series.

Mr_cheese2423d ago

@ xPhearR3dx

Wish I could down bubble you, but theres not an option for "wrong"

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Raven_Nomad2424d ago

Fable is one of the more unique RPG's. It would actually draw my interest more towards Skyrim if it had some of those elements.

A lot of RPG's need to play catch up to the Fable franchise IMHO.

Pintheshadows2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

At least you would play it I suppose.

The sad thing is he has only ever played Fable so doesn't know what he is talking about. I find Fable to be like those twee family sitcoms. They try to hard to be charming and funny but at the end of the day 10 yrs down the line no one will remember them.

krazykombatant2424d ago


Oh man sorryyy..... Which rpg's need to catch up with Fable? Plz indulge. Oh wait one bubble.

NoobJobz2423d ago

It's raven nomad. Don't ever take anything he says seriously. He is one of the biggest MS fanboy on the site.

Put it this way. I'm a big MS fan and even I think everything he says is stupid.

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