Battlefield 3 Will not Have "Supervillains."

Battlefield 3 is trying to avoid direct competition with Modern Warfare 3 as much as possible. DICE, the developer of the game, has gone on record saying that the game is a totally different kind of experience. Now, it's saying that the game will not feature typical “supervillians” or, in fact, any discernible reasons for conflict in the game. Check out the news below.

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DanielComfort2718d ago

Very interesting, realistic take on what an individual soldier may actually feel in this situation. Looking forward to this title.

Agent-862718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I am also looking forward to this's my most anticipated game of 2011. I'm glad BF3 won't have supervillians. Leave the Michael Bay, over-the-top stuff to COD. That's their "bread & butter". I want BF to stay true to itself and not become another "COD clone".

P.S. Note to DICE: If you ever introduce killstreaks into BF, you'll lose me as a fan.

pixboy2718d ago

Well, I didn't think Battlefield 3 would try and take anything from the CoD franchise anyways. I like CoD... but it was more like a childs bike... and battlefield well that's a harley!

GetoverHere1222717d ago

The tank level demo showed at E3 this year made it very clear that this not COD. Very excited to see if the Battlefield franchise can pull me back in. They lost me after bad company