Sony: Piracy Has Affected The PS3 'To An Extent'

Atindriya Bose,Country manager, Sony Computer Entertainment India had admitted that piracy has affected the PlayStation 3 'to an extent' in India.

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NYC_Gamer2724d ago

most people who pirate wouldnt have brought the game anyway

gameseveryday2724d ago

I always believe that one should support the developers and publishers. By playing pirated games you are actually slapping a person on the face who has probably worked 16 hrs a day just to get an AAA experience for us...the gamers. Agreed we pay 60 bucks for the same, but trust me that 60 bucks is well worth it.

handheldwars22724d ago

There's a lot of NES, 360 and PS2 piracy India.

gameseveryday2724d ago


so that does not mean people should pirate the game they dont like.

NewMonday2723d ago

as long as its inconvenient, unlike the copy and paste simplicity of PSP piracy their shouldn't be any big trouble.

Ares842723d ago

Piracy is huge in countries which are poor. If people would have the money to spend on video games, I don't think they would think twice about buying them. For example in Hungary (where I'm from) one PS3 game costs 14,000 Hungarian Forints or $77 and yet an average income per month is 110,000.00 Hungarian Forints or $601. No wonder people can't afford to buy games and resort to piracy. Even poor people love video games and if they have a chance to get it for free they will go for it. I don't blame these people, I blame companies for these extreamly high video game prices.

zootang2723d ago

I grew up with pirated video tapes with anti piracy adverts in them and I must admit that once I could afford to buy my own media I started to buy retail copies because I knew from those adverts that I was hurting an industry I love. The point of that I don't know but I thought I would put it out there.

gamingdroid2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Piracy especially in poorer countries is a combination of affordability, availability and culture.

For ages, you could travel to Asia and walk into a shop and pick up a pirated copy of a movie, software or videogames. To them it was no difference than buying a legal retail copy. In fact, that in a sense was their retail copy!

Certainly piracy hurts the industry, but I think the positives of piracy also makes up for it.

When I was younger, the prospect of copying games and software is what we all did. It was the norm.

However, as I grew up not only did I have an income, but I was already familiar with these game franchises like Command & Conquer, Dune, StarCraft, Warcraft and so on. So now, do I not only support the industry by buying games, but also buying games I'm familiar with. Anyone got a copy of Starcraft II: Collector's Edition? I got TWO!

So in many ways, it is an investment into the future and MS knows this better than anyone. That is part of the reason how they dominated the business software segment, by making their software easy to pirate in 90s.

zero_gamer2723d ago

Or do what I do and wait for price drops. I believe most AAA games this generation are not worth $60. Since the end of the previous generation, games have become unstable, shorter, dumber, and costlier.

Ocelot5252723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )


There should be socialist ( and even a communist) party in the usa cuz many americans state socialistic ideas and opinions online without knowing it (like you in your comment ;) )

Many of you are far-left without knowing it

gamingdroid2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

We already have enough socialist in the country ruining it for the majority. Look no further than Obama!

I'm so not looking forward to universal health care, but if Obama really wanted to fix something, how about doing something about the frivolous medical lawsuits. It cost the lawyer a stamp, that can force you into bankruptcy without a shred of evidence. Did you know doctors pay more than an average salary just in insurance to practice?

Ocelot5252723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Obama is not a socialist , he is still on the right of the political spectrum, although republicans are far more right.

Obama 'invaded' libya for achieving his geopolitical goals, the us government helped spreading false rumors that gadaffi gives viagra to his soldiers to rape women(amnesty international debunked those rumors). This proves that he is still a rightwing politician.

Gaddafi should resign, but he shouldn't be assassinated, he has done much good to the people in the past. But he has become crazy and paranoid (which is understandable). Obama and the oil lobby want him dead because of this:

... I could write a book about it, if I had 9000 bubbles :p

"I'm so not looking forward to universal health care"

until you get cancer and can't pay the bills

gamingdroid2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

"the us government helped spreading false rumors that gadaffi gives viagra to his soldiers to rape women(amnesty international debunked those rumors)."

I don't know much about that, but it sounds as stupid as a driving banana.

"until you get cancer and can't pay the bills "

That is why you maintain and pay for your health insurance prior. Have you ever actually gotten sick and needed universal healthcare? If you did, you would know it cost far more per user (paid in taxes) and the only treatment you will get is if you are about to die.

As I said, the problem is the inefficient health care industry saddled by lawsuit and government regulations.

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PirateThom2724d ago

If you're not going to buy it, why would you play it?

NYC_Gamer2724d ago

simple answer for that question because they didnt have to pay anything for it....

LOGICWINS2724d ago

"If you're not going to buy it, why would you play it?"

Because they CAN. It's like trying out the new Green Lantern game at a Bestbuy kiosk. You play it out of curiosity, but you KNOW you aren't gunna spend $60 on it.

BubbleSniper2723d ago

to an EXTENT I agree with LOGICWINS (or fails sometimes)

Graphics2723d ago

If there were no piracy they would be complaining about people playing there games for free because they borrow from there friends. Then used game sales. Then complain about people who rent.

Anon19742723d ago

Um. No. The scourge of piracy on the videogame industry is nothing like lending a game to friends, or game rentals - or even the dreaded, "used game sales".

In all the above cases, a copy of the game was bought. With piracy, sometimes the game hasn't even been released yet and already people are stealing it, playing it for free while studios close and the developers who bring us the games we love can't afford to feed their families.

NYC_Gamer2723d ago

then why is the industry making a big deal about pre owned games?many claim it will be the death.

ddkshah2723d ago

They are talking about india where EVERYTHING is pirated and the gov't doesn't care about it. Unless you are rich in india you will have no choice but to pirate the game and they don't think much of it at all.

Why o why2723d ago

in the past ive done both. played and not paid and played and paid. Through piracy ive experienced many games i would of NEVER touched from ico to dreamweb. ive paid my dues and havent even considered it as ive got older. I actually like paying for games. So yeah i used to pirate but trust me many devs games of old and coming may never of got my current attention and support if it hadnt been for piracy

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