PSLS: Alice: Madness Returns Review

PSLS: While I applaud Alice: Madness Returns for a lengthy campaign, solid gameplay mechanics, entertaining combat, with some visual appeal, I simply can’t ignore the few noticeable faults riddled throughout it. The storyline failed to draw me in, perhaps because it was confusing for one half, and painfully obvious for the second. Between this, the incessantly annoying lock on camera, and a lacking character progression after half way through the game, I found myself coming out of it a bit disappointed. Even though New Game+ is available after completion, there isn’t much replayability to the game, except to clean up finding the last of the hidden objects. The inclusion of the original American McGee’s Alice with new copies helps make up for a some of this, giving many the opportunity to experience a classic game that’s become a rare and expensive collectible over the years. Overall, Alice: Madness Returns is a moderately fun action-adventure title that creates an interesting, albeit confusing experience to play through, which just needed a little more polish, spark, and character progression to make it great.

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