War Rock: High Graphics and Bikinis

GamersFirst announced that War Rock has engaged in a major in-game visual reconstruction just in time for summer. Mass annihilation never looked better as the fan-favored first-person shooter ignites with new high resolution texturing to landscapes, vehicles and weapons.

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Pandamobile2722d ago

War Rock was actually a really awesome game when it first came out.

I sunk almost 700 hours into it back when it still had Korean voice overs, and no cash shop. Good times.

MiyagiSPG2722d ago

Used to play this game quite a lot when it was first released, was pretty addictive game play :)

Jac5al2722d ago

Used to play War Rock a ton back in the day. Clan matches were awesome. Unfortunately hackers/cheaters have ruined the game. They should make a War Rock 2.