PlayStation Move Ape Escape: New Screens and Game Information

Sony’s loveable Ape Escape is about to make its PS3 debut with the release of PlayStation Move Ape Escape. Releasing today, July 5th, PlayStation Move Ape Escape is an all-new downloadable adventure that will fully utilize the motion control functionality of the PlayStation Move controller and PS Eye combo.

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Kurisu2721d ago

I tried the demo of this game yesterday --- not impressed!

The original Ape Escape on the PS1 was AMAZING! It really showed off the versatility of the new DualShock controller that it launched with, and the analogue sticks were fantastic. Ape Escape Move definitely doesn't have the same feel, which is a shame.

Minartis2720d ago

All I want is an Ape Escape 4

Nate-Dog2720d ago

This game shouldn't be happening, we should be getting a real Ape Escape not a poor PS Move title, and the same goes for that Medieval game too!