Gears of War 3 to have an earlier release? "Although it isn't very probable, could we possibly see Gears of War 3 release earlier than we thought all because of the massive leak that occurred?"

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Inside_out2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

September is critical to the holiday rush sales. The games biggest demographic is on holidays from school and most are enjoying the warm weather and the great outdoors. Keep in mind, that a lot of sales are friends playing with friends and word of mouth spreading the word on the game. The beginning of the school year is perfect environment for this and as Halo has shown over the years...VERY profitable time slot.

The game will sell well regardless as was shown by the beta, the multi-player is the biggest draw followed by the Co-op and Horde features.

The biggest problem with the leak is giving the competition a peak at your game and adjusting their games to match. Also of course, giving away the plot and story ending doesn't help by any stretch of the imagination.

I would argue that the spoilers won't bother most as it's the interactive aspect that people/gamers enjoy the most.

Titanic was the highest grossing movie for a long time ( till Avatar ) and everybody knew what happen to the ship so it was more of enjoying the story as told by James Cameron and the great effects the movie employed.

No matter what's a bad thing. I don't know who would do such a thing. It was someone who hates Epic deeply. Why U-tube or anyone else would allow this for a game that is months away from release is crazy. Maybe because it's M$...they take down video's all the time and nothing is being done about this and we know how much Goggle loves M$.

I'm surprised M$ hasn't said anything. M$ builds the most high tech software in the world and has many military contracts to prove it. They could track this leak down anywhere in the world to any computer and yet...NOTHING...very strange .

My tin foil hat is of the highest quality and it tells me something is amiss.

muddy94942695d ago

I do agree that it won't get an early release, but I just threw the chance out there.

I also am wondering why Microsoft hasn't said anything regarding this leak. They don't know where it originated from, or anything.

LOGICWINS2695d ago

I don't understand why most games don't release in the summer, when school/college is out. Summer is usually when people have the most time to play games.

Hockeydud192695d ago

and when students have money to spend for once

JeffGUNZ2689d ago

Yeah, that's true. But nothing overcomes holiday shopping. College students and adults are a large part of the market, but so are kids in high school and lower grade levels. They release in that holiday block and it appeals to everyone at once. I can wait till September, since I am getting married at the end of the month and going on my honeymoon in August. When things settle down, it's all Gears 3!

BattleTorn2695d ago

MS has commented on the leak, they said something like
"it has come to our attention that gow3 content has made its way onto the web, and we are working with our security department, and law enforcement to address the situation"

at least something i guess

Blaze9292695d ago

for a game as massive as Gears, it's not as simple as changing a date 2 months away from release. I doubt it will change at all. From retail space, marketing plans and budget, projected sales calculated, timing, competition space - yeah, I'd hate to be the team who would have to organize all that all over again

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TheBeast2695d ago

That's not what urmom said :P

On topic, I don't think it will release earlier, unless it undergoes a breakthrough of code.

muddy94942695d ago

I agree. I do think that it may have the chance to release after it's gone through cert though, which could be up to two weeks before it's release.

I mean, I got ODST from NewEgg practically three weeks early. We may see retailers shipping games out early to those who pre-ordered. Who knows.

xPhearR3dx2695d ago

Since when does a game get released months early because of a leak? Not to mention this leak is only playable on JTAG Xbox's, not modded ones that play burnt games.

muddy94942695d ago

Since when is there not a first for anything? Also, there are plenty of people out there who have access to JTAG Xbox 360s and Developer Kits.

The leak has already spread bad enough which is ruining the game for millions of customers.

xPhearR3dx2695d ago

It's a blockbuster title, it's not going to be released early because millions of people will still buy it. Had it been a smaller game company then maybe. Of course there's plenty of people with JTAG's but not even close to the amount of people with modded consoles. Gears 2 sold around 6 million I believe and people with modded consoles could easily download the game for free, but it still didn't have an effect on their sales.

Hockeydud192695d ago

any game that is pirated has an effect on sales. 60.00 is still 60.00.

NYC_Gamer2695d ago

nope,because millions of people like myself will buy the game on sep 20th

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