The Horror of Bill S. 978

GP blogger, Shrimp XD writes an opinion piece "Recently, congress has proposed a bill that will make the streaming or uploading of copyrighted content illegal, and will result in a fine of up to $5000 and 5 years in jail. Unfortunately, I am not kidding. NOT KIDDING. When I first heard the news from ReviewTechUSA on YouTube, I truly thought this was a joke. Turns out the bill is being considered as we speak. Now you may be asking why I'm furious. I mean, sure, it now bans any illegal uploads of TV and movies unless it was on a site such as Netflix (which may not even be safe but probably is). That's not my main beef with this issue. My issue is that it now bans the uploading and/or streaming of videogame footage. Yes, that's right. So, for those who enjoy the commentaries of SeaNanners, WhiteBoy7thSt, or Elpresador will no longer be able to watch their commentaries."

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