European/North American versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution won't include the Japanese voiceovers

DSOGaming writes: "After the spectacular Japanese trailer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we’ve been wondering whether Square Enix will include those voiceovers to the European and North American versions of the game."

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Warprincess1162720d ago

Ok who wanted Japanese voices anyway? This is Deus Ex. Not a JRPG.

killerhog2720d ago

Deus Ex first-person, role-playing video game. people have their own preference. with the size of blu-ray disks why not appeal and satisfy as many as you can, they definitely have the space to do so.

AntoineDcoolette2719d ago

Japanese voices can make things interesting on a second play through

feedurhabit2719d ago

What're the chances of the Japanese version having English subs then?